Singilis (s. str.) shavrini, Anichtchenko, Alexander, 2016

Anichtchenko, Alexander, 2016, Contribution to the knowledge of the genus Singilis Rambur, 1837 of Africa (Coleoptera: Carabidae: Lebiini). Part IV, Zootaxa 4158 (2), pp. 183-202: 184-186

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Singilis (s. str.) shavrini

sp. n.

Singilis (s. str.) shavrini  sp. n.

( Figs. 3View FIGURES 1 – 6, 21View FIGURES 19 – 21, 34)

Type material. KENYA: Holotype ♂ —" Kenya | Lokitang | Turkana Nord | 750 m ", "Coll. Mus  . Congo | Col. P. Basilewsky" ( MRAC). Paratypes: 1 ♀  " KENYA, Eastern | Mwingi, Nguni | env., 28.xi.1999 | M. Snižek leg." (cDW); 1 ♀ —“ Yala river | B.E.A”, “Coll. Mus  . Congo | Col. P. Basilewsky” ( MRAC)  . TANZANIA: 1 ♂ — " Tanzania EN | Handeni | Makinda env. | 14.3.2002 | lgt. M. Snižek " (cSF). 

Diagnosis. Resembles S. (s.str.) allardi  , in body shape, elongate elytra, and extremely dense punctuation of head and pronotum, but can be easily distinguished by elytral pattern, by have long apice of aedeagus and by presence of spicular fields, composed of large spines, on the male internal sac ( Fig. 21View FIGURES 19 – 21)

Description. Length 5.2–6.2 mm. Body red-brown, head and pronotum darker. Elytra with black sutural spot behind middle, sometimes reaching lateral margins and apice of elytra ( Fig. 3View FIGURES 1 – 6).

Head very deeply and densely punctate, generally no more than one diameter distance from each other. Punctures near eyes confluent. Head and clypeus with strong, almost isodiametric microsculpture. Eyes large and bulging. Temples short, smooth, without microsculpture.

Pronotum 1.59 times as wide as long, widest near the middle. Anterior margin straight, anterior angles effaced, sides narrowly and regularly rounded, weakly sinuate at base, posterior angles rectangular. Disc of pronotum densely punctate, punctures separated by no more than 1–2 diameters. Lateral margin flat, explanate in basal half. Basal grooves and keels absent. Pronotal base extended in rounded median lobe. Microsculpture strong throughout.

Elytra elongate, subparallel, 1.6 times as long as wide, with polygonal microsculpture. Striae deep and very finely punctate. Intervals flat on the disc, slightly convex laterally.

Claws with 5 teeth. Propleuron strongly rugose, mes- and metepisterna almost smooth.

Aedeagus ( Fig. 21View FIGURES 19 – 21). Aedeagal median lobe moderately broad, median shaft straight on ventral surface, apice long. Internal sac with two groups of large spines and with one microtrichial patch composed of small spicules.

Name derivation. Named after my friend and collegue, specialist in Staphylinidae Alexey Shavrin  ( Latvia).

Distribution. Kenya, Tanzania ( Fig. 34).


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