Trichopterna cucurbitina (Simon, 1881)

Bosmans, Robert, Cardoso, Pedro & Crespo, Luis Carlos, 2010, A review of the linyphiid spiders of Portugal, with the description of six new species (Araneae: Linyphiidae) 2473, Zootaxa 2473 (1), pp. 1-67 : 55

publication ID 10.11646/zootaxa.2473.1.1

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Trichopterna cucurbitina (Simon, 1881)


Trichopterna cucurbitina (Simon, 1881)

( Figs 118–124)

Erigonopterna alticeps Denis, 1951: 150 , figs 1–6. New synonymy.

Remarks: The excellent figures of Erigonopterna alticeps Denis, 1951 , with typical cephalic tubercle and tibial apophysis allow a positive identification as Trichopterna cucurbitina (Simon 1881) . The former becomes its junior synonym. Denis statement “à un examen superficielle, cette Araignée peut être confondue avec Trichopterna thorelli (Westring,)” also is confirm to the synonymy.

Description: Male: Measurements: Total length 2.2; prosoma 0.64 long, 0.50 wide. Colour: Prosoma orange brown, margin suffused with grey; legs orange brown, patellae yellowish brown; abdomen grey. Prosoma ( Figs 118, 119): With distinct, rounded tubercle carrying the posterior median eyes; with concavity above the anterior median eyes, and with small sulcus behind the lateral eyes. Legs: No tibial spines; Tb Mt I = 0.35, Tb Mt IV absent. Palp ( Figs 120–122): Tibia with large, triangular, retrolateral apophysis; protegulum strongly protruding; embolic division elongated, with spiral, gently narrowing embolus.

Female: Measurements: Total length 2.6–2.7; prosoma 0.64–0.72 long, 0.52–0.62 wide. Prosoma unmodified. Legs: Spine formula 1111; L spI = L spiv = 1, P SpI = 0.14. Epigynum ( Fig. 123): With two slightly converging lateral grooves and two anteromedian, strongly chitinised lobes.Vulva ( Fig. 124): Spermathecae oblique oval, with some additional lobes, touching in the middle; insemination ducts originating near anteromedian lobes, leading laterally to spermathecae.

Previous records: Porto: Freixo, river bank of Douro ( Machado 1949) . Viana do Castelo: Vila Nova de Cerveira, Ilha dos Amores ( Machado 1949); Paredes de Coura, Mantelães ( Machado 1949).

New records: Bragança: Douro Internacional NP, Mogadouro, Algozinho , 1 male, 14.XI.2001 (CPC) . Leiria: Corredoura , Porto de Mós, 2 males, XII.2004 (CLC) . Portalegre: Nisa , 3 females, A. Rufino leg. (IMAR) .

Distribution: France méridionale, Portugal.

Habitat type: Always close to river margins.

Phenology: Machado (1949) collected specimens from September to November, whereas we found it in November and December. It appears to be an autumn and winter species.














Trichopterna cucurbitina (Simon, 1881)

Bosmans, Robert, Cardoso, Pedro & Crespo, Luis Carlos 2010

Erigonopterna alticeps

Denis, J. 1951: 150