Myliobatidae Bonaparte, 1835,

White, William T., 2014, A revised generic arrangement for the eagle ray family Myliobatidae, with definitions for the valid genera, Zootaxa 3860 (2), pp. 149-166: 150

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Myliobatidae Bonaparte, 1835


Family Myliobatidae Bonaparte, 1835 

Myliobatini Bonaparte, 1835: no page number (subfamily for Myliobatis  ) Aëtobatinae Agassiz, 1858: 385 (subfamily for Aetobatis  )—stem changed to Aetobat- by Gill (1873) Stoasodontinae Gill, 1893: 130 (subfamily for Stoasodon  ).

Leiobatidés Roule, 1919: 126 (family for Leiobatus  )—not available.

Leiobatidae de Buen, 1926: 37 (family for Leiobatus  )—not available.