Plagiochila raddiana Lindenb.

Silva, Jainara Pereira, Oliveira-da-Silva, Fúvio Rubens, Ilkiu-Borges, Anna Luiza & Fernandes, Rozijane Santos, 2021, Leafy liverworts of Chapada das Mesas National Park: a floristic survey and checklist of the leafy liverworts of Maranhão state, Brazil, Check List 17 (1), pp. 479-495 : 489

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Plagiochila raddiana Lindenb.


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Material examined. BRAZIL • Maranhão, município de Carolina, Parque Nacional Chapada das Mesas, Rio Farinha , sobre rochas próximo a cachoeira São Romão; 06°59′S, 047°09′W; alt. 228 m; 13 Mar. 2017; JAS Silva 109; CCAA 1609 GoogleMaps .

Identification. Plants green to brownish green, dichotomously branched, branches predominantly terminal. Leaves subimbricate, rectangular, 2‒2.5 × longer than wide; apex rounded to subtruncate, margin toothed by 3‒8 teeth near apex, 1 or 2 teeth in lower 1/2 at tip of shoulder, teeth 1–5 cells long, 1–3 cells wide at base, ventral base without teeth, weakly ampliate, conspicuously recurved, forming a low crest (ventral stem surface not completely covered), long decurrent, dorsal leaf base short decurrent; median cells isodiametric to elongate, trigones small, cuticle smooth.

Description and illustration. Gradstein and Ilkiu- Borges (2009: 35, fig. 19a–b).


Jiangxi Academy of Sciences

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