Selenops jocquei, Corronca, 2005

Corronca, José Antonio, 2005, Four new species of Selenops (Araneae, Selenopidae) and comments on the distribution of Afrotropical species, Zootaxa 1003 (1), pp. 33-44 : 36

publication ID 10.11646/zootaxa.1003.1.2

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Selenops jocquei

sp. nov.

Selenops jocquei View in CoL sp. nov. ( Figs. 3–4 View FIGURES 1–4. 1–2 , Fig. 9 View FIGURES 9 ­Map 1)

Type. Female holotype from the Ivory Coast, Bettié (6º4´N 3º24´W), 20km S. FC Mabi near Comoé river, rainforest, R GoogleMaps . Jocqué & L. Baert Cols., MRAC 205.464 View Materials .

Etymology. The specific epithet is a patronym in honour of Dr. Rudy Jocqué for his contribution to the knowledge of African spiders.

Diagnosis. The particular form of the middle field of the epigynum ( Fig. 3 View FIGURES 1–4. 1–2 ) and the spermathecae with two lobes ( Fig. 4 View FIGURES 1–4. 1–2 ) are typical for this species and differ from other known selenopids.

Female (holotype). Total length 7.35. Prosoma 3.32 long, 4.48 wide. Opisthosoma 4.10 long, 3.00 wide. Eye diameters and interdistances: AME 0.19, ALE 0.12, PME 0.21, PLE 0.23, AME–AME 0.16, AME–ALE 0.37, AME–PME 0.12, PME–PME 0.63, PME– PLE 0.35, PLE–PLE 1.56, ALE–ALE 1.30. Leg formula 24?31. Leg measurements: I Fe 3.00, Pat+Tib 4.43, Mt 2.18, Ta 1.13, total 10.74; II 3.45, 3.90, 2.40, 1.20, total 10.95; III 3.45, 3.53, 2.33, 1.10, total 10.41. Leg spination: Fe I pr1.1.0, d1.1.1; II–IV d1.1.1; Tib I– II v2.2.2, III v1.0.0; Mt I–II v2.2, III v1.1. Prosoma brown­orange; chelicerae brown­red and legs pale yellow; Fe I with a narrow, light grey prolateral band. Opisthosoma pale grey without markings. Venter of the opisthosoma light grey. Epigynum and spermathecae as in Figs. 3–4 View FIGURES 1–4. 1–2 . Leg IV loose in the vial.

Male: Unknown

Known distribution: Known only from the type locality


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