Euscelidia festiva Janssens, 1954

Dikow, Torsten, 2003, Revision of the genus Euscelidia Westwood, 1850 (Diptera: Asilidae: Leptogastrinae), African Invertebrates 44 (2), pp. 1-131 : 59-61

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Euscelidia festiva Janssens, 1954


Euscelidia festiva Janssens, 1954 View in CoL

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Euscelidia festiva Janssens, 1954 a: 123 1954 b: 400 View in CoL ; Oldroyd 1960: 409 1980: 356.

Diagnosis: The species is distinguished from congeners by the predominantly apruinose sct, the densely arranged microtrichia on the wings, and the yellow legs.

Redescriptions: Head: Black; fc silver pruinose, fc gib indistinct, mystax white, 10–12 macrosetae, sometimes nearly as long as prob; oc tr apruinose; occ yellow pruinose




A - E F - K

dorsally, silver pruinose laterally, setae white; Antennae - scp and ped brown, setae brown; pped brown, white pruinose; apsel dark brown; Thorax: Black; sct predominantly apruinose, anterior, lateral, and posterior margins yellow pruinose, yellow setae on pruinose part, dc setae sometimes distinct, brown; sctl silver pruinose, ds sctl s and sctl s long, yellow; Legs - yellow; meta fem pale yellow proximally, clubbed, setae white; meta tib yellow proximally, brown distad; emp minute; Wings - densely covered with microtrichia; ptero distinct, brown; cell d terminating in 3 veins; hlt light brown; Abdomen: Black; T2–3 and proximal half of T4 predominantly apruinose, grey pruinose laterally, remaining T grey pruinose, S2 apruinose, remaining S grey pruinose; ơ terminalia Figs 33A–E View Fig - sur pointed distally, large lobe ventrally; hypd bent upwards, enlarged distally; d aed shea short, blunt, lat pr aed short; lat apod simple.

Type material - The holotype of undeterminable gender is labelled ‘ HOLOTYPUS (red label with black submarginal border) / TYPE (red label with black submarginal border) / Congo belge: P. N. U. [Parc National de l’Upemba] Kafwi af. dr. Lufwa [rivière Kafwi, affluente droite Lufwa] (1.780 m.) 5-III-1948 Mis. G. F. de Witte. 1375a / E. Janssens det., 1952 Euscelidia festiva Em. Janssens (handwritten except for ‘ E. Janssens det., 19’)’. The specimen is double mounted (minuten in block of foam), is in fairly good condition (antennae, meta legs, and terminal segments of abdomen broken), and is deposited in the MRAC .

21 paratypes (11^^ 6ơơ 4?) from the Upemba National Park are deposited in the ISNB. The following list will only provide the locality data, date of collection, and collector: 5^^ 3ơơ 2?? Mukana, 1810 m, 4+6+ 18.iii.1948, G.F. de Witte; 1^ 1? Grande Kafwe, 1780 m, 5.iii.1948, G.F. de Witte; 3^^ 1ơ 1? River Kafwiaf, 1780 m, 5.iii.1948, G.F. de Witte; 1^ 2ơơ Kabwekanono, 1815m, 6+ 8.iii.1948, G.F. de Witte; 1^ Lusinga,, G.F. de Witte. Two additional paratypes apparently belong not to E. festiva , but are species of Leptogaster .

Type locality and distribution ( Fig. 61 View Fig ): DR Congo, Upemba National Park , Lufwa, 9 40'S 27 12'E. Cameroon, DR Congo, Malawi, Nigeria, Uganda, Zambia GoogleMaps .

Material examined: CAMEROON: 2^^ Bossoum , 9 56'N 13 41'E, 1–10.v.1914 GoogleMaps ; 1^ 1ơ Kanjang , 6.v.1909 ; DR CONGO: 1^ 2ơơ Garamba National Park , 4 06'N 29 27'E, 18.v.1950, 27.ix.1950, GoogleMaps ; 1? Kamina [several such localities], 1.iii.1960 ; MALAWI: 1^ Mulanje, 15 57'S 35 37'E, 13.i.1913 GoogleMaps ; NIGERIA: 1ơ Samaru , 11 10'N 7 37'E, GoogleMaps ; UGANDA: 1? Abi Farm , 3 05'N 30 56'E, 12.xi.1958 GoogleMaps ; 1ơ 1? Mbale- Sipi , 1 05'N 34 09'E, 14.v.1957 GoogleMaps ; ZAMBIA: 1ơ Kasanka National Game Reserve , 12 30'S 30 15'E, 16–22.xii.1989 GoogleMaps ; COUNTRY UNKNOWN: 1? no locality data. Depository : BMNH, ISNB, MRAC, NMSA, ZMHB .

Remarks:Additionally to the specimens examined, Oldroyd (1960: 409) listed the species from Handeni (5 26'S 38 01'E), Tanzania.


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Euscelidia festiva Janssens, 1954

Dikow, Torsten 2003

Euscelidia festiva Janssens, 1954 a: 123 1954 b: 400

Em. Janssens 1954: 123
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