Acmaeodera recticollis Fall, 1899, Fall, 1899

Davidson, J. M., 2003, Mexican Acmaeodera Eschscholtz, 1829: A new species and checklist, with miscellaneous taxonomic and biological notes on other North American Buprestidae (Coleoptera), Zootaxa 201, pp. 1-18: 13

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Acmaeodera recticollis Fall, 1899


Acmaeodera recticollis Fall, 1899  

Several consecutive seasons of collecting and observations southeast of El Paso, Texas revealed that Acmaeodera recticollis   and Acmaeodera quadrivittatoides Nelson and Westcott   were attracted to the flowers of Acacia constricta Benth.   ( Fabaceae   ). Acmaeodera recticollis   was never observed on any other species of plant. W. F. Barr (in. litt.) said that he found this buprestid on Ephedra   sp. ( Ephedraceae   ) stems about 20 miles northwest of where I collected them on Acacia   . However, at this locality, Westcott & Barr (1998) record this species from flowers of mesquite, Prosopis   sp. ( Fabaceae   ). A small number of Ephedra   plants were interspersed between Acacia constricta   , Prosopis juliflora   (Swartz) DC., Yucca   sp. ( Agavaceae   ) and other desert shrubs, but no specimens of A. recticollis   were seen on either Ephedra   or Prosopis   . Most specimens of A. recticollis   collected were found on Acala Road, 1 mile NE of Interstate 10, about 50 miles SE of El Paso, Hudspeth County, Texas, V­ 3 to V­ 17­2000 ­ 2002. One specimen was also taken on the flower of A. constricta   at 17.4 miles S of Fort Stockton, Pecos County, TX, V­ 5 ­02. While this is not a new state record, it does represent the eastern­most locality of this species' distribution.