Latrunculia du Bocage, 1869,

Kelly, Michelle, Sim-Smith, Carina, Stone, Robert, Reiswig, Toufiek Samaai Henry & Austin, William, 2016, New taxa and arrangements within the family Latrunculiidae (Demospongiae, Poecilosclerida), Zootaxa 4121 (1), pp. 1-48: 5

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Latrunculia du Bocage, 1869


Subgenus Latrunculia du Bocage, 1869 

Diagnosis. Latrunculia  species in which the anisodiscorhabd microscleres have six visibly distinct substructures: the manubrium, basal whorl, median whorl, subsidiary whorl, apical whorl, and apex (modified from Samaai et al. 2006).

Remarks. Species in this subgenus are easily recognisable by examination of the number of whorls and the degree of fusion between the various substructures in the anisodiscorhabds. Figure 1View FIGURE 1 A illustrates the diagnostic microscleres that define subgenus Latrunculia  . In subgenus Latrunculia  , there are three distinct whorls of projections around the shaft, between the manubrium and the apex. In the majority of species, the basal whorl is clearly separated from the manubrium, however, in some of the spicules of a few species, these structures are less well separated from each other (see Hajdu et al. 2013). Figure 16View FIGURE 16 A –P illustrate the diagnostic anisodiscorhabds for living species of the subgenus Latrunculia  ( Latrunculia  ).