Antiteuchus mixtus, Dallas, 1851

Panizzi, Antônio Ricardo & Grazia, Jocélia, 2001, Stink Bugs (Heteroptera, Pentatomidae) And An Unique Host Plant In The Brazilian Subtropics, Iheringia, Sér. Zool. 90, pp. 21-35: 30

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Antiteuchus mixtus


Antiteuchus mixtus   .

Specimens were recovered only occasionally, and only adults were intercepted. This species also is suspected not to reproduce on privet. Similar to A. tripterus   , it feeds on cacao ( CALLAN, 1944).

Adults oval, dorsally convex. Median body length of females 14 mm (n = 5), and of males 13 mm (n = 5). Color design variegated in females ( fig. 21 View Fig ), and completely fuscous in males. Lighter forms sordid flavescent with ferrugineousto black punctures tending to form small clusters especially on hemelytra. Nymphs (female) have a black and white appearance ( fig. 22 View Fig ); eggs were not recovered.