Amphiesma flavipunctatum Hallowell, 1861

Published, First, 2012, 3473, Zootaxa 3473, pp. 1-60 : 17

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Amphiesma flavipunctatum Hallowell, 1861


Amphiesma flavipunctatum Hallowell, 1861

Amphiesma flavipunctatum Hallowell, 1861: 503 .—Type locality by virtue of neotype designation: “ Island of Hong Kong ”, People’s Republic of China.—Onomatophore. Neotype, by present designation: USNM 7387 View Materials .

Status. A valid species, for populations of southeastern Asia sharing the characters defined below.

Comments. Hallowell had two specimens at hands, one from Hong Kong, collected by the North Pacific Exploring Expedition, and one previously deposited in the collection of the Academy of Natural Sciences of Philadelphia. Hallowell clearly stated that the description was made only from the ANSP specimen, stated to be in much better condition, and, indeed only the characters of a single specimen were given by Hallowell. As a consequence, the original type locality was “Canton River”, now Zhu Jiang River, Guangdong Province, People’s Republic of China. The holotype was presumably ANSP 6616; see Zug et al., 2006; lost according to Zug et al. (2006) and N. Gilmore (pers. comm., February 2009).

In contrast to Zug et al. (2006) and in agreement with Article 73.1.2 of the Code, we consider that the original description was based on a holotype and not on two syntypes. As a consequence, the designation of a lectotype made by Zug et al. (2006) is invalid according to the Code (Article 74.2). In fact, Zug et al. (2006) involuntarily designated a neotype, based on the fact that the holotype is lost. The problem is that their “potential” designation of a neotype is also invalid, as it does not comply with dispositions of Article 75 of the Code. In agreement with Article 75.3 of the Code, we select as neotype the specimen USNM 7387, previously designated as lectotype in Zug et al. (2006). This action is justified by (1) the need to fix the nomenclatural status of Amphiesma flavipunctatum Hallowell, 1861 , (2) the destruction of the holotype, and (3) the proximity between the localities of the holotype and of the neotype.

Neotype: USNM 7387 View Materials , a juvenile male from “Island of Hong Kong ”, collected by the North Pacific Exploring Expedition ( Fig. 9–11). This specimen was described by Zug et al. (2006: 165).














Amphiesma flavipunctatum Hallowell, 1861

Published, First 2012

Amphiesma flavipunctatum

Hallowell, E. 1861: 503