Coluber lippus Reuss, 1834

Published, First, 2012, 3473, Zootaxa 3473, pp. 1-60 : 14

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Coluber lippus Reuss, 1834


Coluber lippus Reuss, 1834

Coluber lippus Reuss, 1834: 150 , pl. 9, fig. 2a, b.—Type locality. “ Java ”.—Onomatophore. Holotype: SMF 17383- 4 View Materials , redescribed below.

Status. A subjective synonym of Xenochrophis melanzostus ( Gravenhorst, 1807) . Synonymized with Tropidonotus quincunciatus Schlegel, 1837 by Günther (1858: 64).

Comments. Reuss’ description was based on a single specimen. The description and figure are accurate enough to recognize the blotched morph of Coluber melanzostus Gravenhorst, 1807 . The holotype was traced in the collection of the Senckenberg Museum and is redescribed.

Holotype ( Figs. 6–8): SMF 17383-4 View Materials , an adult female from Java Island, Indonesia. Collected by Dr. Peitsch.

Morphology and measurements. Body cylindrical and moderately stout. Head distinct from neck. Eye normal, with a round pupil. Tail long and tapering. SVL 640 mm, Tal 202 mm, TL 842 mm; ratio TaL/TL 0.240.

Scalation. DSR 19–19–17, the 4 outermost ones on each side smooth; VEN 143 (+ 2 PreVEN), smooth; SC 71, all paired; anal divided.

Head scalation complete; rostral visible from above; nasals divided; 1 loreal, as long as high; SL 9 on each side, SL 4–5 entering orbit; PreOc 1/1, PostOc 3/2, no subocular; temporals 2 + 2 +1 on each side, anterior ones elongate, the lower anterior one larger than upper one; IL 10/10, first five in contact with anterior chin shields.

Coloration and pattern (in preservative). Background colour cream or pale brown. There are 4 rows of large chestnut brown blotches, vertebral blotch starting as longish spot in temporal region; dorsal blotch starting as a longish spot behind neck; vertebral row of small elongated blotches starting at the height of about VEN 10. All these blotches are bold anteriorly and fade posteriorly. In anterior part of body, blotches are chessboard-like, posteriorly irregular. Upper side of tail has some small markings on edge of some scales. Head cream, with some markings on posterior part of parietals, extending onto first 3 scales in a neck row. One dark marking starting from eye, running through suture between SL 6 and 7,continuing to mouth. A second dark marking starting at anterior lateral edge of parietal and continuing across anterior temporals and 7 th supralabials to last two lower labials. Belly cream with dark markings on posterior edges of ventrals. Underside of tail cream with some dark markings on edges of subcaudals.














Coluber lippus Reuss, 1834

Published, First 2012

Coluber lippus

Reuss, A. 1834: 150