Apiochaeta chiloensis ( Malloch, 1933 ) Lonsdale & Marshall, 2008

Lonsdale, Owen & Marshall, Stephen A., 2008, Revision of the temperate South American genus Apiochaeta Czerny, 1903, with synonymy of Alloclusia Hendel, 1917 (Diptera: Clusiidae), Zootaxa 1944 (1), pp. 1-33 : 12-13

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https://doi.org/ 10.11646/zootaxa.1944.1.1

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Apiochaeta chiloensis ( Malloch, 1933 )

comb. n.

Apiochaeta chiloensis ( Malloch, 1933) , comb. n.

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Alloclusia chiloensis Malloch, 1933: 238 .

Description ( Fig. 5 View FIGURES 3–9 )

Male. Body length 6.4mm. Arista sparsely plumose. Four fronto-orbital bristles; anterior reclinate bristle small and second reclinate bristle intermediate in length between anterior and posterior reclinate bristles. Two pairs of long lateral scutellar bristles. Scutum yellow with one pair of stripes attaining transverse suture; thin medial line present. Lateral margin of scutellum brown. Laterotergites yellow. Pleuron yellow excluding subnotal stripe and horizontal stripe along anterodorsal margin of katepisternum. Legs yellow. Head yellow with ocellar tubercle, face, inner margin of parafacial and lower margin of gena brown. Abdomen yellow except as follows: tergite 2 with one anteromedial and two posterolateral spots; tergites 3–5 with one pair of anterolateral spots; tergites 3 and 4 sometimes with median transverse stripe; tergite 5 sometimes with wide transverse posterior spot; epandrium brown (excluding distal margin). Wing narrowly to extensively infuscated along veins on distal half and around dm-cu.

Female. As described for male except as follows: head yellow with ocellar tubercle brown; abdomen yellow with one pair of lateral subapical spots on tergites 2–4 (sometimes connected and occasionally continuing anteriorly as medial stripe) and with posteromedial spot on tergites 5 and 6.

Male terminalia ( Figs 25, 26 View FIGURES 19–26 & 40 View FIGURES 39–43 )

Annulus well developed; tergite 7 small and separated from sternite 8 by thin suture, with margins of both sclerites continuous. Length of epandrium slightly less than half height; width 4/5 height. Surstylus 7/10 length of epandrium, acute, strongly hooked, inner face with small ovate projection and basal ridge, and with numerous stout, short, pointed bristles along margins and along inner projection and basal ridge; outer face bristled on posterior half. Hypandrium with ventral lobe thin and slightly elongate with one minute and two long distal bristles. Pregonite thin and curved with three distal setulae. Postgonite large and elongate with two distal setulae. Right margin of distiphallus elongate with smooth, clavate, subapical lobe; apex of right lateral sclerotization minutely spinulose; lateral spinulose lobe with acute lateromedial projection.

Holotype: CHILE. Chiloé: Chiloé I., F.&M. Edwards, Castro, 20–22.xi.1926 (♂, BMNH).

Paratype examined: CHILE. Chiloé: S Chile, Chiloé I., Mechuque I., 23.xii.1926 (♀, BMNH) .

Additional material examined: CHILE. Cautín: Carahue-Cautín, Monte Verde , 600m, 29.i–2.ii.1993, ex. yellow pan traps, L. Peña (♂, CNC), 10mi NE Pucón, 12.i.1951, Ross & Michelbacher (2♀, CASC) ,

Chiloé: Isla Chiloé , Ahoni Alto, ix.1998, L.E. Peña (3♂ ♀, CMNH) , Curicó : Fundo La Montana , Estero La Palma at Río Teno 6km E Los Queñes, 4.i.1967, M.E. Irwin (♀, CASC) , Concepción : 62 km S San Pedro, 12.xii.1982 – 2.i.1983, A. Newton & M. Thayer (♂, CNC) , S Concepción , Laraquete, 10–25.i.1993, P. Salinas (♂, CNC) , Linares : Malcho – 750m, Parral-Talca, 24–26.i.1993, mixed forest, yellow pan trap, L. Peña (3♂, CNC; 3♂, DEBU), Pata de Gallina, 10–26.i.1993, ex. yellow pan traps, P. Salinas (♂, CNC) , Malleco : Nahuelbuta N.P. Contulmo, 37°40’S, 72°55’W, 1.ii.1967, E.I. Schlinger (♀, CASC) GoogleMaps , R.I.X, PN Nahuelbuta , 8–24.ii. 2005, 1168m, 37°49’30”S, 72°58’24”W, Malaise trap in meadow and Nothofagus, UCR AtoL (2♀, CNC) GoogleMaps , Ñuble : 40km E San Carlos, 23.xi.1950, Ross & Michelbacher (♂, CASC) .

Comments: Apiochaeta chiloensis and A. philippii are the only Apiochaeta with a median notal stripe and a plumose arista. These species can be separated using couplet 13 in the key.


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Apiochaeta chiloensis ( Malloch, 1933 )

Lonsdale, Owen & Marshall, Stephen A. 2008

Alloclusia chiloensis

Malloch, J. R. 1933: 238