Nymphalis xanthomelas (Esper, 1781)

Franeta, Filip, 2018, Checklist of the butterflies (Lepidoptera: Papilionoidea) of Montenegro, Zootaxa 4392 (1), pp. 128-148: 141

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Nymphalis xanthomelas (Esper, 1781)


Nymphalis xanthomelas (Esper, 1781)  

—An apparently rare nymphalid in Montenegro, possibly due to a confusion in identification with the more common species N. polychloros   . To date, only mentioned by Sijarić (1984), Sijarić et al. (1984) and Jakšić (1988). However, all records seem to originate from one sighting from the Durmitor area. Another record for this species is given by Radović et al. (2008) for the Skadar Lake, based on data supplied by P. Jakšić. However, there is no detailed information on the exact locality or date of sighting. Its precise distribution and frequency needs further research.