Garra annandalei Hora, 1921

Thoni, R. J., Gurung, D. B. & Mayden, R. L., 2016, A review of the genus Garra Hamilton 1822 of Bhutan, including the descriptions of two new species and three additional records (Cypriniformes: Cyprinidae), Zootaxa 4169 (1), pp. 115-132 : 116

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Garra annandalei Hora, 1921


Garra annandalei Hora, 1921  

Garra annandalei Hora, 1921: 657   . Type Locality: Assam and various streams at the base of the Darjeeling Himalayas, India. Syntypes: ZSI F10104/1.

Materials examined. 1 Specimen, CNR 10089, 59.2 mm SL; Bhutan: Chukkha Dzongkhag: Phuntsholing: Singhikhola, D.B. Gurung, October 2010   . 3 Specimens, CNR 11067-11069, 61.8 –71.2 mm SL; Bhutan: Sarpang Dzongkhag: Sarpangtar: Kamikhola, D.B. Gurung, July 2011   . 1 Specimen, CNR 11072, 55.1 mm SL; Bhutan: Samdrup Jongkhar Dzongkhag: Samdrupcholing, Nyera-amarichhu, D.B. Gurung, July 2011   . 2 Specimens, CNR 11078, 11079 56.6–66.4 mm SL, Bhutan: Zhemgang Dzongkhag: Tingtibi: Birtechhu, D.B. Gurung, April 2011   . 2 Specimens, CNR 15102, 15104 , 71.2–74.3 mm SL, Bhutan: Dagana Dzongkhag: Budichu, R.J. Thoni & D.B. Gurung, September 23, 2013   . 3 Specimens, CNR 13015, 13045 , 13016, 56.5–61.7 mm SL; Bhutan: Samtse Dzongkhag: Chungpatang, D.B. Gurung & R.J. Thoni, October 9, 2013   . 4 Specimens, CNR 13021, 13022 , 13114, 13115, 59.0– 77.7 mm SL; Bhutan: Sarpang Dzongkhag: Gakiling: Laringkhola, R.J. Thoni & D.B. Gurung, September 24, 2013   . 3 Specimens, CNR 13579, 13054 , 13055, 64.2–69.6 mm SL; Bhutan: Samdrup Jongkhar Dzongkhag: Samdrup Jongkhar: Dungsamchu, R.J. Thoni & D.B. Gurung, October 10, 2013   .

Remarks. This species is easily identified by its nearly cylindrical body shape, lack of proboscis, transverse grove, or rostral lobe, small mouth with well-developed, yet small in size mental disc, and by the presence of a pleated papilliferous fold (as described in Kullander & Fang, 2004) on the lower lip. It was encountered in a large variety of stream types throughout southern Bhutan. It was the most common species of Garra   in the low-lying rivers of the plains, where it was common amongst the cobble in riffles and occasionally caught with a cast net in the pelagic zone. Garra annandalei   was encountered in runs, riffles, and pools, but most commonly in runs and near the inlet and outlet of pools. They were frequently sampled in sympatry with Barilius   , Neolissochilus   , and Psilorhynchus   . The reduced disc size and occasional pelagic encounters of G. annandalei   suggests that this species may be more of a generalist than its benthic-obligate congeners.


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Garra annandalei Hora, 1921

Thoni, R. J., Gurung, D. B. & Mayden, R. L. 2016

Garra annandalei

Hora 1921: 657