Rudolfina tumida, Paiero & Marshall, 2020

Paiero, Steven Mark & Marshall, Stephen A., 2020, A revision of the genus Rudolfina Roháček (Sphaeroceridae: Limosininae), European Journal of Taxonomy 593, pp. 1-48: 43-45

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Rudolfina tumida

sp. nov.

Rudolfina tumida   sp. nov.

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The species epithet is from the Latin for ‘swollen’, referring to the enlarged epandrium.

Material examined


UNITED STATES OF AMERICA • ♂; Wyoming, Uinta Co., 8 mi. SE of Evanston; 7100 ft a.s.l.; 30 Jul.–11 Aug. 1979; S. and J. Peck leg.; sage-grass, riparian, carrion; DEBU debu01086083.  


BODY. Length: 1.8–1.9 mm. Eye height 1.0 × genal height. Head with 3 interfrontal setae and 5 small setae along inner margin of orbital plate. Gena with 2 strong setae and 4–5 smaller setulae. Acrostichal setulae in 4–6 rows. Costagial seta length unknown (broken on both sides of holotype); second costal sector shorter than third (35:40). Length of M 1 between crossveins dm-cu and r-m 4.0× dm-cu; CuA 1 stub vein ~5.0 × M 1 stub vein. Male mid femur basally with 9 strong setae present in ovoid cluster. Male mid tibia with ventral comb of 12–13 robust setae on apical ⅔.

MALE ABDOMEN ( Figs 2–3 View Fig View Fig ). Posterior margin of sternite 5 with pair of small teeth on each side of shallow emargination; emargination extending ¼ length and ¼ width of sternite 5. Transverse part of sternite 6 weakly arcuate. Epandrium swollen, wider than preceding portion of abdomen (denuded on holotype); subanal plate incomplete. Posterior lobe of surstylus elongate, with apex and posterior margin heavily setose; anterobasal lobe broadly rounded and laminate, with distal triangular projection. Cercus ovoid. Postgonite elongate with apex acute. Dorsal sclerite of distiphallus ( Fig. 21 View Fig B–C) with several small swellings along length and extending beyond apex of acrophallus.




Rudolfina tumida   sp. nov. is distinctive for the uniquely swollen epandrium and large surstylus.

Described species in other genera previously treated as Rudolfina  


Ontario Insect Collection, University of Guelph