Clubiona pseudoneglecta Wunderlich, 1994

Bosmans, Robert, Henrard, Arnaud, Benhalima, Souâd & Kherbouche-Abrous, Ourida, 2017, The genus Clubiona Latreille, 1904 (Araneae: Clubionidae) in the Maghreb, with notes on the genevensis group and new records from the Mediterranean Region, Zootaxa 4353 (1), pp. 1-28: 21-22

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Clubiona pseudoneglecta Wunderlich, 1994


Clubiona pseudoneglecta Wunderlich, 1994  

( Figs 95–102 View FIGURES 95–102 ; Map 4)

Clubiona pseudoneglecta Wunderlich, 1994: 157   , figs 1–3 (holotype ♀ from Germany, Hessen, Rüdesheim, A. Malten leg., SMF, not examined); Pozzi & Hänggi, 1998: 34, Figs 1–3 View FIGURES 1–8 (♂).

Clubiona neglecta   ; Jocqué 1977: 327 (misidentification).

Diagnosis and description. See the excellent description of Merrett (2001).

Previous misidentification in the Maghreb. MOROCCO: Fès -Meknès : Ifrane, Cascade des Vierges, 1 ♀ ( Jocqué 1977, sub C. neglecta   ), RMCA M.T.146158, examined.  

New records. AFRICA: ALGERIA: El Tarf: El Kala National Park, N. Lake Oubeira , Bou Merchen   , 55m, 2 ♂♂, litter in marshy area with Juncus   , 5.IV.1982, R. Bosmans leg. (CRB). EUROPE: SPAIN: Barcelona: Guardeola de Berga, 2 ♂♂ 2 ♀♀, under stones along Rio Llobregat , 6.VII.1991, R. Bosmans leg. (CRB). Gerona: Ripoll   , 800m, 1 ♀, in camping site, 7.VII.1991, R. Bosmans leg. (CRB). Madrid: Pelayos de la Presa, 1 ♂ 1 ♀, in grasses along Rio Albergue, 13.IV.1999, R. Bosmans leg. (CRB). Orense: Puebla de Trives   , 750m, 12.VIII.1994, R. Bosmans leg. (CRB). Palencia: Fuentes de Nava , Laguna de la Nava, pitfalls, VI-XI.1976, U. Stengele leg. (CRB)   . CROATIA: Ličko-Sensjka: pass between Karlobag and Gospic , 1 ♀, Valle & Bianchi leg, 12.VIII.1969, P. Pantini det. (CMB)   . GREECE: Peloponnisos: Achaia, Tsivlos, 3 ♀♀, Platanus   forest along Krathis river , 28.VII.2001, R. Bosmans leg. (CRB).  

Other material examined. FRANCE: Vendée : Salble d’Olonne , Aubraie road, 1 ♂, in tall grass, 12.VII.2013, P. Oger leg. (CPO); St Michel en l'Herm, 1 ♀, in tall grasses 10.VII.2013, P. Oger leg. (CPO)  

Ecology. Only collected once in April in the wetlands of the El Kala National Park in Algeria.

Distribution. A female from Morocco identified as C. neglecta   by Jocqué (1977) was re-examined and appears to belong to C. pseudoneglecta   . Clubiona neglecta   is deleted from the list of Morocco and replaced by C.

pseudoneglecta   . The species is also cited for the first time in Algeria, Croatia and Spain. It was originally described by Wunderlich (1994) from SW Germany, where it also was confused with Clubiona neglecta   in the past. It appears to have a large distribution and was then also found in Switzerland ( Pozzi & Hänggi 1996; Hänggi 1999), Hungary ( Mikhailov & Szinetar 1997), Belgium and the Netherlands ( Roberts 1998). Merrett (2001) redescribed the species and added Great Britain, France and Greece to its distribution area. The species was further cited from Azerbaijan, Armenia, Bulgaria, Hungary and Moldavia by Mikhailov (2003), from Slovakia by Kuntner & Šereg 2002 and from Italy by Isaia et al. 2007.


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Clubiona pseudoneglecta Wunderlich, 1994

Bosmans, Robert, Henrard, Arnaud, Benhalima, Souâd & Kherbouche-Abrous, Ourida 2017

Clubiona pseudoneglecta

Pozzi 1998: 34
Wunderlich 1994: 157

Clubiona neglecta

Jocque 1977: 327