Clubiona leucaspis Simon, 1932

Bosmans, Robert, Henrard, Arnaud, Benhalima, Souâd & Kherbouche-Abrous, Ourida, 2017, The genus Clubiona Latreille, 1904 (Araneae: Clubionidae) in the Maghreb, with notes on the genevensis group and new records from the Mediterranean Region, Zootaxa 4353 (1), pp. 1-28: 10-13

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Clubiona leucaspis Simon, 1932


Clubiona leucaspis Simon, 1932  

( Figs 34–41 View FIGURES34–41 , 60–63 View FIGURES 52–67 , 74–76 View FIGURES68–79 ; Map 2)

Clubiona leucaspis Simon, 1932: 925   , 929, 968, figs 1410, 1417 (♂, ♀ syntypes from two French departments, Île-de-France: Paris and Sucy-en-Brie and Seine-et-Marne: Fontainebleau; probably in MNHNP, not examined); Denis 1956: 196 (cit.).

Diagnosis. Both male and female of C. leucaspis   can be recognized by the contrasting pale area on the posterior half of the abdomen ( Figs 34–36 View FIGURES34–41 ). Males can further be distinguished by the anterior part of bulbus with ventral profile concave ( Figs 37 View FIGURES34–41 , 60 View FIGURES 52–67 ) and the distally rounded and slightly longer than wide retrolateral tibial apophysis ( Figs 37 View FIGURES34–41 , 62 View FIGURES 52–67 ). The females are recognized by the small spermathecae separated by their diameter or more ( Figs 39– 41 View FIGURES34–41 ).

Description. Last described by Denton (2016).

Previous citations in the Maghreb. ALGERIA: Without precise locality ( Simon 1932). MOROCCO: Grand Casablanca: La Cascade ( Denis 1956); Aïn Sebaa ( Denis 1956).

MAP 2. Records of Clubiona leucaspis Simon, 1932   in the Maghreb.

New records. AFRICA: ALGERIA: Alger: El Anasser, Jardin d’Essaie, 5m, 1 ♂, under bark, 27.II.1987, R. Bosmans leg. (CRB); El Harrach, 25m, 1 ♂, pitfalls in garden of Agricultural Institute (INA), 16.V.1983, R. Bosmans leg. (CRB); forêt de Bainem, 300m, 1 ♂, sieving Cupressus   litter, 30.IV.1984, R. Bosmans leg. (CRB). Blida: Atlas Blidéen, Chréa, 1100m, 2 ♀♀, beating Quercus ilex   , 28.IV.1987, R. Bosmans leg. (CRB). Boumerdes: Aïn Taya, 50m, 1 ♂, 20.II.1988 and 1 ♂, 4.V.1989, pitfall in garden, R. Bosmans leg. (CRB); Réghaia, 45m, 1 ♂ 1 ♀, beating in Quercus suber   forest, 14.II.1988, R. Bosmans leg. (CRB). Chleff: Damous W., beating bushes, 5 ♀♀, 17.IV.1987, R. Bosmans leg. (CRB). El Tarf: El Kala National Park, lake Oubeira, 10m, 1 ♀, beating Quercus suber   , 29.III.1988, R. Bosmans leg. (CRB); El Kala National Park, Lake Tolga, 50m, 1 ♂ 3 ♀♀, beating Pinus   branches, 28.III.1988, R. Bosmans leg. (CRB). Tipasa: Douaouda, Oued Mazafran, 50m, 2 ♀♀, pitfalls in Olea   maquis, 6.V.1987, R. Bosmans leg. (CRB); Sidi Fredj, 20m, 1 ♂ 1 ♀, pitfalls in Pinus halepensis   forest, 10.IV.1987, R. Bosmans leg. (CRB); Zeralda, 10m, 1 ♀, beating in Lentisca maquis, 25.IV.1987, R. Bosmans leg. (CRB). Tissemsilt: Theniet-el-Had, 1500m, 1 ♂, pitfalls in Cedrus   forest, 13.V.1987, R. Bosmans leg. (CRB). MOROCCO: Rabat-Salé-Kénitra: Rabat, Maâmora forest, 3 ♀♀, 1.I.1920, Thiery leg. (ISRM); Sidi Allal El Bahraoui, 150m, 2 ♂♂, 1.III.1989, 3 ♂♂ 3 ♀♀, 10.IV.1989, 4 ♀♀, 2.V.1989, 2 ♂♂, 17.I.1990, 2 ♂♂ 2 ♀♀, 27. II.1990, S. Benhalima leg. (CSB); Sidi Amira, 145m, 1 ♂, 1.III.1989, 3 ♂♂ 4 ♀♀, 10.IV.1989, 2 ♂♂ 5 ♀♀, 2.V.1989, 2 ♀♀, 10.VI.1989, 1♀ 3.VII.1989, 1♀ 27. II.1990, pitfalls in Quercus suber   forest, S. Benhalima leg. (CSB); Oulmès, El Harcha, 1050m, 1 ♀, 22.V.1989, 4 ♂♂ 1 ♀, 26. II.1990, S. Benhalima leg. (CSB). Tanger- Tétouan-Al Houceima: Tetouan, Cabo Negro, 1 ♂, 9.IV.2006, S. Benhalima leg. (CSB); Larâche, Rhaba El Khalifa, 90m, 1 ♂, 7.III.1989, S. Benhalima leg. (CSB). TUNISIA: Nabeul: Zaouïet el Mgalez N., 1 ♂, under stones in Pinus   forest, 26.I.2003, R. Bosmans leg. (CRB). EUROPE: PORTUGAL: Leiria: Lagoa de Obidos, 1 ♂, under bark of Pinus   , 20.IV.2013, R. Bosmans leg. (CRB); Obidos town, 1 ♀, on wall, 20.IV.2013 (CRB). SPAIN: Caceres: Tarifa, 1 ♂ 2 ♀♀, IIII.1992, P. Poot leg. (CRB). Islas Baleares: Majorca, road Felanitx-Porto Can Gelat, 80m, 1 ♀, under stones in open Pinus   forest, 4. IV.2003, R. Bosmans leg. (CRB). Tarragona: Coma Ruga, 1 ♂, under stones in olive yard, 6.IV.1998, R. Bosmans leg. (CRB). GIBRALTAR: Gibraltar, 1 ♀,under stones near top of the rock, 4. IV.1997, R. Bosmans leg. (CRB). FRANCE: Corse-du-Sud: Pianottoli, 1 ♀, VII.2002, P. Pantini leg. & det. (CMB). Landes: Le Muret, 1 ♀, pitfalls in heathland, 23.VII.1985, R. Bosmans leg. (CRB). Aude: Puivert, 516 m, 1 ♀, under stones on a slope, 24.V.2015, P. Oger (CPO). Bouches-du-Rhône: Saint-Antonin-Sur-Bayon, Site Sainte-Victoire, 402m, 1 ♀, maquis dans un champ de pierres, 04.V.2015, P. Oger leg. (CPO); Cengle-De- Négrel, Sainte-Victoire, 271m, 1 ♀, under stones in a maquis on a slope, 5.V.2015, P. Oger leg. (CPO); Grans, Poitevine-Regarde-Venir, 65m, 1 ♀, stones in open grassland with Quercus ilex   , 5.V.2015, P. Oger leg. (CPO). Drôme: Eygluy-Escoulin, 1 ♂ 1 ♀, beating, 4.V.2014, V. Valli (CPO). Loire: Maclas, L'Egat, 360 m, 1 ♀, under stones in open grassland with Calluna   , 1.IV.2015, P. Dubois (CPO). Pyrénées-Atlantiques: Larrau, 1 ♀, V.1990, P. Poot leg. (CRB). Pyrénées-Orientales: Argèles-sur-Mer, Chemin du Pas Den Diego, 4m, 2 ♀♀, along river edge of Mas Larrieu, 18.V.2015, P. Oger (CPO); Argèles-sur-Mer, La Pave (Albères), 139m, 1 ♂, under stones, 19.V.2015, P. Oger (CPO); Coustouges, Bergerie des Métayers, 817m, 1 ♀, under stones in grassland, 21.V.2015, P. Oger (CPO). Var: Nans-les-Pins, 400m, 1 ♀, seeving litter in mixed Pinus   - Quercus   forest, 3.IV.2017, R. Bosmans leg. (CRB); St-Paul-en-Forêt NW, 390m, 1 ♂, seeving litter in mixed Pinus   - Quercus   forest, 3.IV.2017, R. Bosmans leg. (CRB). ITALY: Reggio di Calabria: Bova Marina, 1 ♀, fogging in orchard, 7.VI.1994, P. Pantini det. (CMB); Locri, 1 ♀, fogging in orchard, 8.VI.1994, P. Pantini det. (CMB). Sardinia: Sassari, Maristella N., 25m, 1 ♀, sieving litter in Pinus   forest in dunes, 10.IV.2014, R. Bosmans leg. (CRB).

Ecology. In the Maghreb, C. leucaspis   occurs in Pinus   forests of low altitude, Quercus suber   and Q. ilex   forests of lowland and Cedrus atlantica   forests of high altitude, up to 1500m. It even occurs in the parks of Alger, the capital of Algeria. Adults males were collected from January to May, adult females from January to July.

Distribution. Clubiona leucaspis   appears to be common in Algeria and Morocco, but rare in Tunisia, where it is cited for the first time. It is originally a western Mediterranean species but expanding recently to the north and the east, with records in Belgium, the Netherlands, Germany, Austria and Bulgaria ( Helsdingen 2017), Britain ( Denton 2016) and Greece ( Lecigne 2013).














Clubiona leucaspis Simon, 1932

Bosmans, Robert, Henrard, Arnaud, Benhalima, Souâd & Kherbouche-Abrous, Ourida 2017

Clubiona leucaspis

Denis 1956: 196
Simon 1932: 925