Clubiona vegeta Simon, 1918

Bosmans, Robert, Henrard, Arnaud, Benhalima, Souâd & Kherbouche-Abrous, Ourida, 2017, The genus Clubiona Latreille, 1904 (Araneae: Clubionidae) in the Maghreb, with notes on the genevensis group and new records from the Mediterranean Region, Zootaxa 4353 (1), pp. 1-28: 13-17

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Clubiona vegeta Simon, 1918


Clubiona vegeta Simon, 1918  

( Figs 42–44 View FIGURES 42–44 , 45–51 View FIGURES 45–51 , 64–67 View FIGURES 52–67 , 77–79 View FIGURES68–79 ; Map 3)

Clubiona parvula Lucas, 1846: 205   , pl. 12, fig. 2 (♂, ♀ syntypes from Algeria, around Alger; not examined, probably in MNHNP; preoccupied by Clubiona parvula Blackwall, 1833   ); Simon 1899: 84 (cit.); Simon 1909: 32 (cit.). Clubiona vegeta Simon, 1918   (nom. n.).

Diagnosis. Clubiona vegeta   and C. genevensis   are sister species which are difficult to separate by the genital organs, especially the females. Males of C. vegeta   mainly differ from C. genevensis   by the strongly protruding and dark chelicerae in ( Figs 43, 44 View FIGURES 42–44 ). Females of C. genevensis   are separated by the usually narrower atria ( Figs 26, 27 View FIGURES 26–33 ) and copulatory ducts ( Figs 30, 32 View FIGURES 26–33 ). In C. vegeta   , those are larger ( Figs 47–51 View FIGURES 45–51 ).

Description. Last described by Sterghiu (1985). For another relevant description, see Helsdingen (1979).

Previous citations in the Maghreb. ALGERIA: Alger   : Surroundings of Alger ( Lucas, 1846, sub C. parvula   )   . Djelfa: Takersan ( Simon, 1899, sub C. parvula   ). MOROCCO   : Marrakech-Safi: Essaouira (as Mogador; Simon 1909, sub C. parvula   ).

New records. AFRICA: ALGERIA: Sétif: Bir el Arche, 900m, 3 ♀♀, under stones in cultivated fields, 27. II.1990 (CRB). Skikda: Ben Azouz, 200m, 1 ♂, litter in Eucalyptus   plantation, 2.III.1990, R. Bosmans leg. (CRB). Tipasa: Sidi Fredj, 10m, 1 ♂, under stones in dunes with maquis, 18.XII.1986, R. Bosmans leg. (CRB). MOROCCO: Rabat-Salé-Khénitra: Rabat, Maâmora forest, Sidi Amira, 145m, 1 ♂ 1 ♀, 1.III.1989, S. Benhalima leg. (CSB). Souss-Massa: between Tamri and Tamanar, 1 ♀, pitfalls in coastal dunes, 15-28. IV.2012, R. Bosmans leg. (CRB). TUNISIA: Bizerte: Utique, 6 ♂♂ 8 ♀♀, litter in Euphorbia   hedge, 29.I.2003, R. Bosmans leg. (CRB). Nabeul: Tazerka, 4 ♂♂ 3 ♀♀, border of salt marsh and dunes, 26.I.2003, R. Bosmans leg. (CRB). Tunis: la Goulette, 1 ♀, under stones in Pinus   plantation, 30.I.2003, R. Bosmans leg. (CRB). Medenine: Djerba, Midoun, 1 ♀, litter in dunes, 15.XII.2014, K. De Smet leg. (CRB). EUROPE: PORTUGAL: Ėvora: Ribera do Almugro, 1 ♀, litter in Eucalyptus   plantation, 8.IV.1996, R. Bosmans leg. (CRB). Beja: Serpa W., near Rio Guadiana, 1 ♀, beating trees, 24.V.2007, R. Bosmans leg. (CRB). Faro: Luz, W. Lagos, 1 ♂ 1 ♀, under stones along fields, 15.II.2006, R. Bosmans leg. (CRB). SPAIN: Alava: Salvatierra, 1 ♀, under stones in low maquis, 6. IV.1992, R. Bosmans leg. (CRB). Albacete: Almansa, 950m, 1 ♀, under stones in maquis, 3.IV.1996, R. Bosmans leg. (CRB). Alicante: Crevillente, 1 ♀, litter in wasteland, 8.IV.1998, R. Bosmans leg. (CRB). Almeria: Cabo de Gata   , 1 ♂, pitfalls in dunes, IV.1999, R. Bosmans leg. (CRB); Vera, Rio Antas, 1 ♀, litter along river, 8.IV.1999, R. Bosmans leg. (CRB). Islas Baleares: Mallorca: Cala Vicente, 3 ♀♀, 9.III.1971, D. J. Clark leg. (NHML); Ibiza: Ses Feixes, pitfalls, 28.XII-8.I.2010, J. Hernandez leg. (CJH). Cádiz: Tarifa   , 1 ♂ 3 ♀♀, IV.1991, P. Poot leg. (CRB). Murcia: Sierra de la Tercia, Totana W., 2 ♀♀, under under stones in maquis, 4.IV.1996, R. Bosmans leg. (CRB). FRANCE: Haute-Corse: Calacuccia, Lozzi, track to Monte Cinto, 1200m, 1 ♀, under stones in open maquis, 25.V.1995, R. Bosmans leg. (CRB). Bouches-du-Rhône: Chateauneuf-le-Rouge, 233m, 1 ♀, open Quercus   maquis, 1.V.2015, P. Oger leg. (CPO); Pyrénées-Orientales; Argelès-sur-Mer, Chemin du Pas Den Diego, 4m, 3 ♀♀, along Mas Larrieu, 18.V.2015, P. Oger leg. (CPO); Baixas, 130m, 2 ♀♀, under stones on a slope, 17.V.2015, P. Oger leg. (CPO); Ortaffa, La Polleda, 28m, 4 ♀♀, under stones in dry grassland, 25.V.2015, P. Oger leg. (CPO). ITALY: Foggia: Lesina, La Porcareccia   dunes, 1 ♂, pitfalls, 5.XII.2003, S. Biserni & A. Renzi leg., P. Pantini det. (CMB). Palermo: Roccella Valdemone, torrente Roccella, 1 ♂, at light trap, 28.XI.1995, P. Pantini & M. Valli leg., P. Pantini det. (CMB); Terrasini, riserva naturale Orientata Caporama, 2 ♀♀, 14. IV.2012, pitfalls in palm grove, C. Cusimano leg., P. Pantini det. (CMB). GREECE: Peloponnisos: Lakonia: Vathia N., 1 ♀, phrygana along dry rivulet, 22.V.1998, R. Bosmans leg. (CRB), 1 ♀, 14. IV.2012, pitfalls in palm grove, C. Cusimano leg., P. Pantini det. (CMB).

Ecology. In the Maghreb, C. vegeta   was collected in various, often man-influenced habitats such as Eucalyptus   and Pinus   plantations, secondary maquis, coastal dunes, salt marshes and cultivated fields. Adult specimens of both sexes were found from December to April.

Distribution. C. vegeta   was found in Algeria and Morocco and for the first time in Tunisia. It occurs much more to the south than other Clubiona   species, in coastal dunes, in Morocco in the region of Agadir and in Tunisia on the island Djerba. It occurs further in Europe, Central Asia, and the Canary Islands ( Helsdingen 2017).

MAP 3. Records of Clubiona vegeta Simon, 1918   in the Maghreb.














Clubiona vegeta Simon, 1918

Bosmans, Robert, Henrard, Arnaud, Benhalima, Souâd & Kherbouche-Abrous, Ourida 2017

Clubiona parvula

Simon 1909: 32
Simon 1899: 84
Lucas 1846: 205