Crabronini, Latreille, 1802

Genaro, Julio A., 2006, Checklist and distribution patterns of apoid wasps (Hymenoptera: Apoidea: Sphecidae and Crabronidae) of Cuba, Zootaxa 1171, pp. 47-68: 53-55

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Tribe Crabronini  

32. Rhopalum claviventre (Cresson, 1865)   . Cuba.

R. claviventre   was mentioned from Dominica ( Evans 1972) based on one specimen that still has not been compared with the holotype. A previous record of R. claviventre   for Grenada ( Ashmead 1900) actually refers to another species: R. grenadinum ( Pate) (Pate 1947 a)   . Gowdey (1926) recorded it from Jamaica but according to Pate (1947 a), who never examined the material, it may be another species. Until more specimens are studied I prefer to cite this species only for Cuba. It is clear that the genus is widely distributed in the Antilles, but its presence in collections is rare ( Leclercq 2002). More material is needed for a better understanding of the species that occur on each island.

33. Rhopalum soroanum (Alayo, 1968)   . Cuba.

34. Rhopalum montanum (Alayo, 1968)   . Cuba.

35. Rhopalum antillarum Leclercq, 1957   . Cuba, Ecuador and Venezuela. Described from one specimens labelled Cuba, still it is question by its author about the veracity of the label data ( Leclerq 2002). Alayo (1976) never collected it. Specimens studied by Leclerq (2002) from Ecuador and Venezuela vary in coloration.

36. Ectemnius (Apoctemnius) craesus (Lepeletier and Brull√©, 1835)   . Cuba, Jamaica, Hispaniola, Mona Island, Guana Island and Puerto Rico.

37. Ectemnius (Hypocrabro) auriceps (Cresson, 1865)   . Cuba and Bahamas (San Salvador Island).

38. Ectemnius paluster Alayo, 1968   . Cuba.

39. Ectemnius ferrasi Alayo, 1968   . Cuba.

40. Ectemnius (Merospis) cyanauges Pate, 1941   . Cuba.

41. Lestica (Solenius) cubensis (Cresson, 1865)   . Cuba and Isla de la Juventud.

Tribe Oxybelini  

42. Oxybelus analis Cresson, 1865   . Cuba, Isla de la Juventud, Bahamas [Bimini Island, Eleuthera Island (First record)], Hispaniola (First record), Grenada, St. Martin, Bermuda and Nicaragua.

The records from Bermuda and Nicaragua by Bohart and Menke (1976) do not appear in Bohart (1993). First records. HISPANIOLA, Dominican Republic, La Descubierta, Lago Enriquillo, Provincia Barahona, xii.2004, coll. J. A. Genaro (1 female, JAG). BAHAMAS, Eleuthera Island, Rainbow Bay , 1.vii.1987, colls. D. B. and R. W. Wiley (1 male, CNCI)   .

43. Oxybelus confusus Alayo, 1968   . Cuba.

Tribe Miscophini  

44. Lyroda antillana Genaro and Portuondo, 2001   . Cuba and Hispaniola.

45. Nitela   sp. First record: CUBA, Siboney, Santiago de Cuba, iii.1998, coll. A. Barrientos, yellow pan (female, BIOECO; male lost); same data but collected: x.1997 (male, BIOECO); same data but collected: viii.1998 (female, BIOECO).

46. Solierella sola Genaro and Portuondo, 2001   . Cuba.


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Genaro, Julio A. 2006

Rhopalum soroanum

Alayo 1968

R. grenadinum ( Pate)

Pate 1947