Limnocoris hintoni La Rivers

Reynoso-Velasco, Daniel, 2020, A new species of Limnocoris Stål (Heteroptera: Naucoridae: Limnocorinae) and new state records for species of the genus in Mexico, Zootaxa 4860 (3), pp. 375-392 : 376-377

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Limnocoris hintoni La Rivers


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Limnocoris hintoni La Rivers, 1970: 3–4 View in CoL (original description).

Published records. México: Estado de México, Guerrero, Jalisco, Oaxaca, Puebla ( La Rivers 1970, Nieser & López-Ruf 2001, Reynoso-Velasco & Sites 2019b, Rodrigues & Sites 2019).

New state records. México: Michoacán, Morelos .

Distribution. This species is distributed exclusively in Mexico, in the central-south part of the country ( Fig. 1 View FIGURE 1 ). The range of L. hintoni was considered to be predominantly along the Transmexican Volcanic Belt biogeographic province ( Rodrigues & Sites 2019); however, a more detailed examination of all records, previously published and those herein presented, uncovered a different distribution pattern, in which the great majority of records are exclusively within the Balsas Basin biogeographic province. That includes four previously reported ( Rodrigues & Sites 2019) records from Oaxaca and Puebla. Records from specimens in the type series (Estado de México, Puebla) are on the border of the Balsas Basin and Transmexican Volcanic Belt biogeographic provinces, but those can be considered to be in the Balsas Basin province since all of them are below 2000 meters, which is a characteristic of this biogeographic province. The westernmost records of the species are on the border between the Balsas Basin and Sierra Madre del Sur (Michoacán district) provinces. The sole record from Jalisco ( Nieser & López-Ruf 2001) is on the confluence of three biogeographic provinces (Pacific Lowlands, Transmexican Volcanic Belt, Chihuahuan Desert) and approximately 200 kilometers north of the closest records in western Michoacán. The specimen (or specimens) on which this record was based was not examined during the recent revision of the species of Limnocoris from North America ( Rodrigues & Sites 2019) and could represent a misidentification of a related species distributed in western Mexico. Based on this, L. hintoni can be considered a species endemic to the Balsas Basin province.

Material examined. MÉXICO: ESTADO DE MÉXICO: Mpio. Amatepec, Río San Felipe , 05-May-2008, R. Novelo coll. (2♀) ; Mpio. Luvianos, Caja de Agua , 18º57’58’’N, 100º17’30.9’’W, 1079 m, L-1460, 20-Dec- 2012, Reynoso-Velasco coll. (11♂, 14♀) GoogleMaps ; Mpio. Santo Tomás de los Plátanos, Santa Bárbara (hydroelectric plant), 19º10’29.4’’N, 100º17’20.4’’W, 1051 m, 20-Dec-2012, L-1463, Reynoso-Velasco coll. (4♂, 2♀) GoogleMaps ; Mpio. Tejupilco, Acamuchitlán , 07-Dec-2008, J. Curiel & R. Novelo colls. (1♀) ; Mpio. Tejupilco, Bejucos, Río Bejucos , 700 m, 22-Apr-2004, R. Novelo coll. (10♂, 3♀) ; Mpio. Tejupilco, Paso de Vigas, Arroyo Paso de Vigas , 18º53’32.6’’N, 100º13’57.0’’W, 1107 m, 19-Dec-2012, L-1459, Reynoso-Velasco coll. (14♂, 16♀) GoogleMaps ; same but 05-Apr-2015, L- 1909, Reynoso-Velasco, Sites, Shepard & Barr colls. (3♂, 4♀); Mpio. Tejupilco, Pte El Guayabal at Paso del Guaya- bal, 30-Jan-2008, R. Novelo coll. (3♂, 1♀) ; Mpio. Tejupilco, Río Chileros [S of Temascaltepec], 01-Feb-2008, R. Novelo Coll. (1♀) ; Mpio. Tejupilco, 500 m NE of Los Cuervos at Pte. Los Cuervos , 31-Jan-2008, K. Cuevas & R. Novelo colls. (1♂, 1♀) . GUERRERO: Mpio. Copalillo, Papalutla, Río Balsas ( Río Papalutla ), 18º01’27’’N, 98º54’09.3’’W, 627 m, 30-Dec-2012, L-1500, Reynoso-Velasco coll. (6♂, 4♀) GoogleMaps ; Mpio. Coyuca de Catalán, carr. Zihuatanejo-Coyuca de Catalán, Río Los Placeres , nr. Placeres del Oro , 18º12’50.8’’N, 100º53’23’’W, 382 m, 28- Dec-2012, L-1495, Reynoso-Velasco coll. (5♂, 4♀) GoogleMaps ; Mpio. Coyuca de Catalán, Las Cruces, Río Los Nopales , 18º14’49.6’’N, 100º46’08.9’’W, 314 m, 28-Dec-2012, L-1496, Reynoso-Velasco coll. (2♂, 8♀) GoogleMaps ; Mpio. Teloloapan, Oxtotitlán, Río Oxtotitlán , 18º11’35.7’’N, 99º56’24.3’’W, 1009 m, 29-Dec-2012, L-1498, Reynoso-Velasco coll. (6♂, 3♀) GoogleMaps . MICHOACÁN: Km 47 carr. Apatzingán–Arteaga, Río Lerma at Pte. Capiro , [18º51’0.03’’N, 102º8’4.20’’W], 14-Sep-2004, R. Novelo coll. (4♂, 2♀) GoogleMaps ; Mpio. Aguililla, Aguililla , [18.728612N, - 102.793341W], 20-Feb-2005, R. Novelo & José A. Gómez colls. (9♂, 3♀) GoogleMaps ; same but 03-Apr-2005, R. Novelo coll. (10♂, 8♀) ; Mpio. Aguililla, Aguililla, Sierra de Coalcomán , [18.728612N, - 102.793341W], 11-Jul-2005, R. Novelo coll. (2♀) GoogleMaps ; Mpio. Apatz- ingán, California , [19º5’55.80’’N, 102º28’31.09’’W], 21-Feb-2005, R. Novelo & José A. Gómez colls. (4♂, 1♀) GoogleMaps ; same but 07-Jun-2005, R. Novelo coll. (2♀) ; same but 18-Jan-2006 (2♂); Mpio. Coalcomán, El Salitre de Maruata, Río El Gauyabal , 18º52’50.4’’N, 103º08’44.5’’W, 1143 m, 25-Dec-2012, L-1486, Reynoso-Velasco coll. (1♂) GoogleMaps ; Mpio. La Huacana, La Huacana , Colonia Lázaro Cárdenas , 18º57’19’’N, 101º48’43.2’’ W, 458 m, 23-Dec-2012, L- 1478, Reynoso-Velasco coll. (23♂, 17♀) GoogleMaps ; Mpio. Nocupétaro, 4 km NW of Nocupétaro de Morelos at Pte. Patambo , 19º03’34.6’’N, 101º11’45.4’’W, 622 m, 22-Dec-2012, L-1474, Reynoso-Velasco coll. (1♂, 2♀) GoogleMaps ; Mpio. Nocupé- taro, San Antonio de la Huerta ( Melchor Ocampo ), 19º02’ 04.4’’N, 101º15’07.9’’W, 624 m, 22-Dec-2012, L-1475, Reynoso-Velasco coll. (8♂, 6♀) GoogleMaps ; Mpio. Parácuaro, Las Yeguas, Río Tepalcatepec , 18º53’42.1’’N, 102º17’00.3’’W, 189 m, 24-Dec-2012, L-1480, Reynoso-Velasco coll. (11♂, 12♀) GoogleMaps ; Mpio. Tepalcatepec, Los Horcones, km 31 carr. Tepalcatepec-Coalcomán , Pte. Pinolapa , 19º00’31.3’’N, 103º01’25.6’’W, 554 m, 25-Dec-2012, L-1484, Reynoso- Velasco coll. (56♂, 31♀) GoogleMaps ; Mpio. Tepalcatepec, Pte. Río Pinolapa , [19º00’31.3’’N, 103º01’25.6’’W], 625 m, 7-Aug- 2000, R. Novelo coll. (1♂) GoogleMaps ; same but 16-May-2002 (2♂); same but 12-Mar-2004 (1♀); same but 28-Mar-2005 (2♂); same but 30-May-2005 (2♂, 1♀); same but 10-Jul-2006 (3♂, 2♀); Mpio. Tiquicheo, Piedra China, Río Purengueo at Pte. Tiquicheo , 18º53’37.8’’N, 100º45’49’’W, 363 m, 22-Dec-2012, L-1472, Reynoso-Velasco coll. (1♂) GoogleMaps ; Mpio. Tuzantla, El Organista , 19º14’24.8’’N, 100º32’34.7’’W, 650 m, 21-Dec-2012, L-1469, Reynoso-Velasco coll. (4♀) GoogleMaps ; Mpio. Tuzantla, Paso de Tierra Caliente, Las Garzas , 19º05’09.4’’N, 100º39’10.6’W, 473 m, 22-Dec-2012, L-1471, Reynoso-Velasco coll. (2♂, 2♀) ; Mpio. Tuzantla, Tuzantla, Río Tuzantla , 19º13’18.1’’N, 100º34’05.5’’W, 593 m, 21-Dec-2012, L-1470, Reynoso-Velasco coll. (14♂, 8♀) GoogleMaps . MORELOS: Mpio. Xochitepec, Jardines de Xochitepec, Río Sabinos , 05-Apr-2002, R. Novelo coll. (1♂, 1♀) . OAXACA: Mpio. San Antonio Nanahuatipam, San Antonio Nanahuatipam, Río Salado , 18°07’59.4’’N, 97°07’42.6’’W, 790 m, 24-Mar-2015, L-1877, Reynoso-Velasco, Sites, Shepard & Barr colls. (110♂, 117♀) GoogleMaps ; Mpio. San Sebastian Tecomaxthahuaca, Tecomaxthahuaca, Laguna Encan- tada, 17º21’57.5’’N, 98º01’13.3’’W, 1662 m, 30-May-2012, L-1399, Reynoso-Velasco coll. (3♂, 5♀) GoogleMaps ; Mpio. San Juan Bautista Cuicatlán, Santiago Dominguillo , 17º38’46’’N, 96º54’36.7’’W, 726 m, 01-Jun-2012, L-1405, Reyno- so-Velasco coll. (9♂, 13♀) GoogleMaps ; Mpio. Sta. Maria Tecomavaca, carr. Tehuacán-San Francisco Telixtlahuaca, 16 km S of San Juan de los Cués , Río Salado , 17º55’50.5’’N, 97º00’04.2’’W, 544 m, 01-Jun-2012, L-1407, Reynoso-Velasco coll. (1♂, 1♀) GoogleMaps . PUEBLA: Mpio. Coxcatlán, La Estación, 5 Km SW of Coxcatlán, 18°15’07.3’’N, 97°11’24.5’’W, 950 m, 24-Mar-2015, L-1876, Reynoso-Velasco, Sites, Shepard & Barr colls. (16♂, 21♀) GoogleMaps .


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Limnocoris hintoni La Rivers

Reynoso-Velasco, Daniel 2020

Limnocoris hintoni

La Rivers, I. 1970: 4
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