Tainarys acuticauda Burckhardt and Lauterer

Burckhardt, D. & Basset, Y., 2000, The jumping plant-lice (Hemiptera, Psylloidea) associated with Schinus (Anacardiaceae): systematics, biogeography and host plant relationships, Journal of Natural History 34 (1), pp. 57-155 : 130

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https://doi.org/ 10.1080/002229300299688

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Tainarys acuticauda Burckhardt and Lauterer


Tainarys acuticauda Burckhardt and Lauterer

(®gure 27) Tainarys acuticauda Burckhardt and Lauterer, 1989: 657 . Holotype,l Chile: V Region, La Campana National Park, 1300 m, 11.i.1985, Schinus sp. (D. Hollis) (BMNH)

Description. Adult. By Burckhardt and Lauterer (1989).

Fifth instar larva (®gure 27). Body yellowish to brownish, membranes light. Dorsal sclerites of head and thorax ochreous, wing buds light brown, abdominal dorsal sclerites and caudal plate brown. Antenna ochreous with apex dark brown to black. Body outline broadly oval. Antennae 8-segmented with one rhinarium on each of segments 3 and 5, and two on segment 7. Head and wing buds sparsely setose dorsally. Thoracic tergites small. Forewing buds moderately large, without humeral lobes. Margins of wing buds bearing lanceolate setae which are pointed or, more often truncate but slender apically. Legs relatively large and slender with fused tibiotarsus, claws absent. Caudal plate bluntly angular apically, bearing marginal and a few dorsal lanceolate setae similar to those of wing buds; dorsal lanceolate setae arranged in transverse and longitudinal rows. Anus ventral, circumanal ring small, consisting of one row of elongate pores.

Host plants, gall and biology. Schinus montanus (Philippi) Engler and S. patagonicus (Philippi) Johnston ; a series of adults was also collected on S. polygamus which may be accidental. Inducing irregular leaf roll galls.

Distribution. Chile (V, VII±IX Regions). Recorded from Chile (V and VIII Regions) (Burckhardt and Lauterer, 1989).

Material examined. Chile: V Region, adults, type series including holotype, Province Quillota, La Campana National Park, 1300 m, 11.i.1985, Schinus sp. (D. Hollis); adults, same data but La Campana National Park, Sector Granizo, from leaf roll galls on Schinus montanus (F. Sa Âiz) ; 2,l 2 larvae, same data but La Campana National Park, Sector Ocoa, 1995, Schinus montanus ; VII Region, 1,l 1 m, Province Talca, G. de Vilches Park, sector Piedras blancas, 1350±1600 m, 12.i.1996, Schinus patagonicus (D. Burckhardt); 23,l 21 m, 2 larvae, same data but sector Majadilla, 1350±1550 m, 13.i.1996; 57,l 53 m, 13 larvae, same data but El Enladrillado, Valle El Venado, 150±1700 m, 14.i.1996; VIII Region, 1 m, Province Nuble Ä, 10 km W Termas de Chillan, 1250 m, 12± 13.xii.1990, Nothof agus forest (D. Agosti and D. Burckhardt); 1,l 5 m, same data but 20 km on road Cabrero to Yungay, 300 m, 18.i.1996, Schinus polygamus (D. Burckhardt); IX Region, 2,l 1 m, Province Malleco, Nahuelbuta National Park, 1300 m, 16± 17.xii.1990, Nothof agus anarctica forest, Schinus patagonicu s var. crenuloides (D. Agosti and D. Burckhardt); 2,l 9 m, 1 larva, same data but Tolhuaca National Park, sector Laguna Verde, 1000±1300 m, 27.i.1996, Schinus patagonicus (D. Burckhardt); 5,l 1 m, same data but Province CautõÂn, ConguillõÂo National Park, 950 m, 19± 21.xii.1990, mixed Nothof agus forest, Schinus patagonicus var. crenuloides (D. Agosti and D. Burckhardt); 2,l 1 larva, same data but 1150 m, 19± 20.xii.1990, Nothof agus antarctica forest; 3,l1 larval skin, same data but 1100 m, 30.i.1996, Schinus patagonicus (D. Burckkhardt). Dry and slide mounted, and stored in alcohol (MHNG, NHMB, UCVA).