Leurolophus vittatus Tuthill

Burckhardt, D. & Basset, Y., 2000, The jumping plant-lice (Hemiptera, Psylloidea) associated with Schinus (Anacardiaceae): systematics, biogeography and host plant relationships, Journal of Natural History 34 (1), pp. 57-155: 130

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http://doi.org/ 10.1080/002229300299688

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Leurolophus vittatus Tuthill


Leurolophus vittatus Tuthill  

( ®gure 23I) L eurolophus vittatus Tuthill, 1942: 92   . Holotype,l USA: Arizona, Tumicacari Mountains , 22.vii.1938 ( R. H. Beamer) ( SCUK)  

Description. Adult. By Burckhardt and Lauterer (1989).

Fifth instar larva. By White and Hodkinson (1985).

Host plants, gall and biology. Rhus choriophylla Wooton and Standley   , R. virens Lindh.   ( Anacardiaceae   ).

Distribution. USA (Arizona, Texas) ( Tuthill, 1942; Burckhardt and Lauterer, 1989).

Material examined. USA: 3,l 8 m, Arizona, Sycamore Canyon , 6.iv.1950, Rhus choriophylla Wooton and Standley (Kaiser and Crow)   ( MHNG, NHMB)   .


Departamento de Geologia, Universidad de Chile


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