Tainarys venata, Burckhardt & Basset, 2000

Burckhardt, D. & Basset, Y., 2000, The jumping plant-lice (Hemiptera, Psylloidea) associated with Schinus (Anacardiaceae): systematics, biogeography and host plant relationships, Journal of Natural History 34 (1), pp. 57-155 : 136-137

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https://doi.org/ 10.1080/002229300299688

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Tainarys venata

sp. n.

Tainarys venata sp. n.

(®gures 25F±J, 26, 30)

Description. Adult. Coloration. Orange brown with dark brown pattern which is more or less extensive depending on age. Dorsally usually darker than laterally. Head and thoracic dorsum with a few white dots. Antennae whitish with ultimate 2±3 segments dark brown. Lower head surface light with dark clypeus. Legs brownish with yellowish tibiae. Forewings with greyish brown pattern consisting of dense spots and patches, remainder light, whitish or yellowish, forming whitish semi-circles along wing margin. Hindwings whitish. Abdomen dark brown with ochreous intersegmenta l membranes.

Structure. Head (®gure 25F) about as wide as thorax, inclined in a 45ss angle to body axis. Vertex slightly raised around posterior ocelli and antero-exteriorly, passing smoothly into genae anteriorly, surface ®nely rugous and sparsely covered in small setae. Antenna 10-segmented with each a subapical rhinarium on segments 4, 6, 8 and 9; shorter terminal seta slightly shorter, longer seta longer than segment 10. Frons (®gure 25G) short, broader than long. Pronotum shortly rectangular, suture with both dorsal branches developed; epimeron much larger than episternum.

Mesopraescutum short, mesonotum bulged, meso and metascutellum forming raised tubercles. Legs relatively slender, femora thickened. Metacoxae with very small, tubercular meracanthus and small membranous tubular tubercle at trochanteral cavity. Metatibia with a crown of 6±8 black, strongly sclerotized black spurs, metabasitarsus with two black spurs. Forewing (®gure 25I) oval with cross-veins between Rs/M1


and M


4 /Cu 1 a; C +Sc straight, costal break developed. Genitalia

+ +

as in ®gure 26. Male proctiger indistinctly 2-segmented, subgenital plate elongate. Parameres lamellar with a row of strongly sclerotized pegs on the inner face. Distal portion of aedeagus straight, weakly widened apically. Female terminalia shortly cuneate, dorsal margin of proctiger almost straight, weakly setose. Subgenital plate truncate apically, bearing a few rows of dense long setae with capitate apex; the setae form together a rigid structure, the ridigity being enhanced by a wax cover. Valvulae dorsalis triangular and sclerotized above, membranous below.

Measurements in mm (1,l 1 m). HW 0.51±0.57; AL 0.31±0.34; WL 1.05±1.35; MP 0.20; PL 0.15; AA 0.19; FP 0.31; AL/HW 0.61; WL/HW 2.06±2.37; WL/WW 1.84±2.01; TL/HW 0.51±0.59; MP/HW 0.29; FP/HW 0.54; FP/SL 0.94; FP/CL 2.38.

Fifth instar larva (®gure 30). Black. Body heart-shaped, dorsal surface sparsely covered in small setae. Thoracic tergites large, quadrate. Antennae 7-segmented with each 1 rhinarium on segments 3 and 5, and 2 rhinaria on segment 7. Head truncate anteriorly. Wing buds large, forewing buds with relatively large humeral lobes. Head laterally, wing buds and abdomen with densely spaced marginal funnel-shaped setae. Legs relatively slender, with fused tibio-tarsus, claws absent. Caudal plate ending in a small process apically. Anus ventral; circumanal ring small, circular, consisting of a single row of elongate pores.

Egg. Short, oval without apical ®lament (®gure 25H).

Host plants, gall and biology. Schinus fasciculatus (Grieseb.) Johnston , Schinus polygamus (Cav.) Cabrera. No deformations were observed on the leaves, but the material at hand is too scarce for de®nite conclusions.

D istribution . Argentina (Mendoza), Chile (IV Region).

Material examined. HOLOTYPE,l Argentina: Province Mendoza, Mendoza Valley , 1700 m, Uspallata Potrerillos, 30± 31.xii.1995, Schinus fasciculatus (D. Burckhardt)


PARATYPES. Argentina: 2,l 1 m, same data as holotype; 1,l 2 m, same data but Punta de Vacas, Uspallata , 1900 m, 16± 19.i.1997; 1 m, 1 larval skin; same data but 18 km Mendoza, Villa Vicencia , 700 m, 18.i.1997; 1,l 1 m, Mendoza, Zoological

Garden, vii.1997 (S. Roig); 33,l 19 m, 4 adults without abdomen, Mendoza , Luja  n de Cuyo, 33ss03¾S 68ss52¾W, 28.xii.1994 (G. Debandi) ; 3 m, Mendoza , Santa Rosa, NacunÄ Ä a  n, 34ss03 ¾S 67ss58¾W, 21. i.1996, L arrea cuneifolia (G. Debandi) . Chile: 1,l 5 larvae and larval skins, IV Region, Province Elqui, Valle Elqui near Rivadavia ,

750 m, 20.xii.1995, Schinus polygamus (D. Burckhardt). Dry and slide mounted