Ramazzottius szeptycki ( Dastych, 1980 )

Kaczmarek, Łukasz, 2017, Annotated zoogeography of non-marine Tardigrada. Part IV: Africa, Zootaxa 4284 (1), pp. 1-74 : 32

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Ramazzottius szeptycki ( Dastych, 1980 )


78. Ramazzottius szeptycki ( Dastych, 1980) [T]

Ramazzottius szeptyckii ( Dastych, 1980) ( Van Rompu et al. (1991a)

Ramazzottius szepticki ( Dastych 1980) (Pilato et al. 1991, Binda & Pilato 1995a) Terra typica : Republic of South Africa (Africa)

Republic of South Africa:

• 25°11′S, 30°46′E; ca. 1,400 m asl: Type Locality: Mpumalanga Province, Hendriksdaal, ravine of Palmer’s Creek , moss on rock. Dastych (1980) GoogleMaps

• 28°57′S, 29°11′E; 1,600 m asl: KwaZulu-Natal Province, Drakensberg Mountains, Cathedral Peak area, Indumeni Forest , moss on rock. Dastych (2009) GoogleMaps

• 29°18′S, 30°14′E; 1,300 m asl: KwaZulu-Natal Province, Karkloof Nature Reserve, Rockwood House , mosses and lichens on tree. Dastych (2009) GoogleMaps


• 03°09′S, 35°29′E: Undefined locality, Arusha Region, Ngorongoro Volcano, mosses. Pilato et al. (1991) GoogleMaps

• 03°12′S, 37°31′E; 2,200–2,400 m asl: Kilimanjaro Region, near Marangu [gate], outskirts of the entrance of Kilimanjaro National Park, mosses. Binda & Pilato (1995a)

• 03°17′S, 37°31′E; ca. 1,500 m asl: Kilimanjaro Region, Kilimanjaro National Park, Marangu gate, rain forest, below tree line, river, benthos sample GoogleMaps . Van Rompu et al. (1991a)

Record numbers. Republic of South Africa: 3, Tanzania: 3; total: 6.

Remarks. This species has a limited distribution in southern and eastern Africa.