Aphelocheirus zamboanga luzonicus POLHEMUS & POLHEMUS 1988

Zettel, H. & Pangantihon, C. V., 2010, Aphelocheirus (s. str.) freitagi nov. sp. from Mindoro Island and additional notes on Philippine Aphelocheiridae (Heteroptera), Linzer biologische Beiträge 42 (2), pp. 1353-1362 : 1357-1362

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Aphelocheirus zamboanga luzonicus POLHEMUS & POLHEMUS 1988


Aphelocheirus zamboanga luzonicus POLHEMUS & POLHEMUS 1988 (sensu lato)

Aphelocheirus luzonicus POLHEMUS & POLHEMUS 1988: 212 .

Aphelocheirus zamboanga luzonicus: ZETTEL 1999: 116 ; ZETTEL 2003: 114.

A d d i t i o n a l m a t e r i a l e x a m i n e d: L u z o n: 2, 4 (brachypterous) labelled " JCEM 07-003 " [Notes taken from collectors' field notes: Philippines, Cagayan, Gonzaga, Barangay Pattao , stream near provincial highway. 18°15.319' N 121°59.226' E. 22.IV.2007, leg. T. Naruse & J.E.C. Mendoza; rocky stream, tributary to large river.] (in Zoological Reference Collection, Singapore) GoogleMaps ; 1 (brachypterous) " Philippinen: LZ, Benguet \ Asin Hot Springs \ W Baguio, 17.2.1999 \ leg. H. Zettel (180)" ; 1 (macropterous) " Philippinen: LZ, Mount.Pr.\ Chico River, Gonogon \ 1100 m, 21.2.1999 \ leg. F. Seyfert (8a)" (in Coll. F. Seyfert, Vienna) ; 1 (brachypterous), 2 (macropterous) " Philippinen: Nueva Viscaya \ Santa Fe, Barakbak , 620m \ Barakbak Riv. , 7.11.2002 \ leg. H. Zettel (326)" ; 1 (brachypterous) " Philippinen: LZ, Camar-\ ines Sur, Lupi, Alanao \ Bahi River , 11.2.2003 \ leg. H. Zettel (337)" .

N o t e s: The status of this taxon was discussed by ZETTEL (1999). ZETTEL (2003) described the macropterous morph. Aphelocheirus z. luzonicus is relatively common in Bicol, but rarely collected in other parts of Luzon. ZETTEL (1999) mentioned an aberrant male from Benguet (see material in this study). The brachypterous male from Nueva Viscaya is also quite different from Bicol material: It is small (body length 7.6 mm) and dorsally blackish except the yellow head and a central yellow mark on the pronotum; and it has short, obtusely rectangular embolar corners and relatively stout parameres. Possible subspecific differenciation in Luzon cannot be done before males from the type locality in Pampanga become known. Consequently, all Luzon specimens are presently summarized under one subspecific taxon, luzonicus.


D i s t r i b u t i o n: Known from Luzon: Pampanga, Cavite, Camarines, Norte, Camarines Sur, Albay, Sorsogon; and from Catanduanes (POLHEMUS & POLHEMUS 1988, ZETTEL 1999, 2003); first records for Mountain Province, Benguet, Cagayan, and Nueva Viscaya Provinces, all in Luzon.


This study was carried out in the frame of the Philippine Water Bug Inventory Project, a co-operation between the University of the Philippines in Los Baños and the Natural History Museum Vienna. We especially thank Prof. Dr. Emelina H. Mandia and Prof. Dr. H. Freitag (De La Salle University, Manila) for organizing the field work in Mindoro with underlying permissions from DENR and other authorities involved and for providing the habitat picture and map of Lake Naujan ( Figs 12, 13). Some voucher specimens from Luzon were provided by Prof. Dr. H. Freitag, Prof. Dr. T. Naruse (University of the Ryukyus, Japan), J.E.C. Mendoza (National University of Singapore), and F. Seyfert (Vienna). We also thank H. Bruckner (Vienna) for help with producing Figure 1, and Prof. Dr. Robert W. Sites (University of Missouri) for correction of the English text.


Eine neue Grundwanzenart, Aphelocheirus (s.str.) freitagi nov.sp., wird von der Insel Mindoro im Westen der Philippinen beschrieben. Die neue Art gehört in die vom westlichen Himalaja ostwärts bis nach Borneo und den Philippinen verbreitete A. minor -Artengruppe und ist mit zwei weiteren philippinischen Endemiten, A. palawanensis POLHEMUS & POLHEMUS 1989 und A. zamboanga POLHEMUS & POLHEMUS 1989 , nahe verwandt. Obwohl Mindoro seit 1992 mehrfach hinsichtlich seiner Wasserwanzenfauna untersucht worden ist, handelt es sich um den Erstfund von Aphelocheiridae auf dieser Insel. Neufunde von vier weiteren Aphelocheirus -Arten von der Insel Luzon werden aufgelistet.


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Aphelocheirus zamboanga luzonicus POLHEMUS & POLHEMUS 1988

Zettel, H. & Pangantihon, C. V. 2010

Aphelocheirus zamboanga

ZETTEL H 2003: 114
ZETTEL H 1999: 116