Earle, Jane I., 2009, New State Stonefly (Plecoptera) Records For Pennsylvania, With Additional Records And Information On Rare Species, Illiesia 5 (16), pp. 169-181: 176

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Most Chloroperlidae  , except for Alloperla atlantica Baumann  , Sweltsa lateralis (Banks)  , S. onkos  , S. hoffmani  , and Haploperla brevis (Ricker)  , have been little collected in the adult stage in Pennsylvania. Adults are bright yellow or pale green and can most often be seen soon after emergence flying over small to medium creeks or on instream rocks. Nymphs other than Sweltsa  are uncommonly collected in Pennsylvania except just before emergence due to their largely hyporheic habitat. The Pennsylvania fauna contains 19 species in 6 genera; 10 species are in the genus Alloperla  . Many North American species of Chloroperlidae  are regional endemics that are restricted to specific river basins or physiographic provinces ( Surdick 2004).