Alloperla idei (Ricker)

Earle, Jane I., 2009, New State Stonefly (Plecoptera) Records For Pennsylvania, With Additional Records And Information On Rare Species, Illiesia 5 (16), pp. 169-181: 172

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Alloperla idei (Ricker)


Alloperla idei (Ricker)  

New Record: HUNTINGDON (S): at light, 2.5 km south of Jackson Corner, 25 June 2009, 1♂ (SJ).   This collection, presumably from the nearby Standing Stone Creek in the central Pennsylvania Ridge and Valley Physiographic Province , fills in a gap between its known range of Georgia and Alabama north to Maine, Ontario, and Quebec ( Surdick 2004). Baumann and Kondratieff (2009) noted that A. idei   was more common in the northern part of its range and that individuals were often attracted to lights.