Cephennomicrus inconspicuus

Jałoszyński, Paweł, 2018, Revision of Cephennomicrus of Australia (Coleoptera, Staphylinidae, Scydmaeninae), Zootaxa 4422 (2), pp. 151-183: 153

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Cephennomicrus inconspicuus


1. Cephennomicrus inconspicuus   species group

Five species that belong here share a modified frons in males and a conspicuous form of the aedeagus, which in ventral view has a rapidly narrowed, distinctly delimited subrectangular apical portion with its distal margin nearly straight, slightly concave or slightly convex and transverse in relation to the long axis of aedeagus; the median lobe bears a circular membranous diaphragm on the sub-basal area of its ventral wall; and one long apical seta on each paramere (may be accompanied by one or two tiny setae). In three species additionally the flagellum has its distal portion coiled. Antennae with indistinctly delimited, slender, trimerous club. This group includes C. inconspicuus   , C. perthi   , C. monteithi   sp. n., C. pronotalis   sp. n. and C. triangularis   sp. n.