Anteon ngoyense Olmi, 2009

Olmi, Massimo, Copeland, Robert S. & Noort, Simon Van, 2019, Dryinidae of the Afrotropical region (Hymenoptera, Chrysidoidea), Zootaxa 4630 (1), pp. 1-619 : 178-179

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Anteon ngoyense Olmi, 2009


71. Anteon ngoyense Olmi, 2009

( Fig. 65C View FIGURE 65 )

Anteon ngoyense Olmi 2009b: 451 ; Olmi et al. 2015: 347; 2016: 67.

Description. ♂. Fully winged; body length 1.3–2.6 mm. Head black, except mandible testaceous; antenna brown, except scape and pedicel testaceous; mesosoma black; metasoma brown; legs testaceous, except metacoxa, metafemur and metatibia partly brown. In specimen from Kenya, 01°06.117’N 34°75.383’E, metaleg testaceous, except coxa brown. Antenna filiform; antennomeres in following proportions: 9:4:3.5:4:4:4:4:4:4:6. Head dull, completely strongly granulate, and slightly rugose (in specimen from Central African Republic, 03°02’01’’N 16°24’57’’E, head weakly granulate); frontal line complete; frons with two lateral keels along orbits and directed towards antennal toruli; occipital carina complete; POL = 6; OL = 3; OOL = 4; OPL = 2; TL = 4; greatest breadth of lateral ocelli about as long as OL. Mesoscutum, mesoscutellum and metanotum shiny, finely punctate, unsculptured among punctures. Notauli short, reaching about 0.25 × length of mesoscutum. Metapectal-propodeal disc with strong transverse posterior keel, reticulate rugose, dull; propodeal declivity dull, reticulate rugose, without longitudinal keels; central region of propodeal declivity with areolae less wide than those of dorsal region. Forewing hyaline, without dark transverse bands; distal part of 2r-rs&Rs vein much shorter than proximal part (3:6). Paramere ( Fig. 65C View FIGURE 65 ) without distal inner pointed process, with inner proximal lobe with mosaic pattern and not covered with papillae. Tibial spurs 1/1/2.

♀. Unknown.

Material examined. Type: ♂ holotype: SOUTH AFRICA: KwaZulu-Natal, Ngoye Forest , I–IV.2006, MT, G. Davies leg. ( NMSA) . Other material: CENTRAL AFRICAN REPUBLIC: Sangha-Mbaéré Prefecture, Dzanga- Ndoki National Park, Mabéa Bai,21.4 Km 53° NE Bayanga , 03°02’01’’N 16°24’57’’E, 510 m, 4–5.V.2001, MT, lowland rainforest, marsh clearing, S. van Noort leg. GoogleMaps , 1♂ ( SAMC). KENYA: Rift Valley Prov., Mount Elgon National Park, Top of Endebess Bluff , 01°06.117’N 34°75.383’E, 2630 m, MT, forest edge near small stream, 16–30.I.2006, R. Copeland leg. , 1♂ ( NMK). SOUTH AFRICA: Eastern Cape, Huntly Glen Farm , 32°24.561’S 25°05.946’E, 1065 m, 6.X.2010 – 18.I.2011, YPT, Great Fish Thicket, HUN10-ACA1-Y05, S. van Noort leg. GoogleMaps , 1♂ ( SAMC) .

Hosts. Unknown.

Distribution. Central African Republic, Kenya, South Africa.


KwaZulu-Natal Museum


Iziko Museums of Cape Town


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Anteon ngoyense Olmi, 2009

Olmi, Massimo, Copeland, Robert S. & Noort, Simon Van 2019

Anteon ngoyense

Olmi, M. 2009: 451