Dryinus irwini Olmi, 2007

Olmi, Massimo, Copeland, Robert S. & Noort, Simon Van, 2019, Dryinidae of the Afrotropical region (Hymenoptera, Chrysidoidea), Zootaxa 4630 (1), pp. 1-619: 355

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Dryinus irwini Olmi, 2007


40. Dryinus irwini Olmi, 2007  

( Fig. 143C View FIGURE 143 )

Dryinus irwini Olmi 2007b: 215   .

Description. ♀. Fully winged; body length 4.1 mm. Head testaceous-reddish, except anterior third of frons and clypeus testaceous; antenna testaceous-reddish; prothorax testaceous-reddish; rest of mesosoma black; metasoma and legs testaceous-reddish. Antenna clavate; antennomeres in following proportions: 6:6:30:14:12:9:8:7:6:8. Head dull, excavated, granulate, with frons sculptured by numerous longitudinal striae; frontal line complete; occipital carina complete; occiput excavated; POL = 2.5; OL = 2.5; OOL = 11; OPL = 1; TL = 5; greatest breadth of lateral ocelli longer than OPL (2:1). Pronotum dull, granulate, crossed by slight anterior transverse impression and strong posterior transverse furrow; disc humped; posterior collar short; pronotal tubercle not reaching tegula. Mesoscutum, mesoscutellum and metanotum setose, dull, granulate and reticulate rugose. Notauli absent. Metapectal-propodeal disc dull, reticulate rugose, without transverse keels; propodeal declivity reticulate rugose, without longitudinal keels. Forewing hyaline, with two distinct dark transverse bands; distal part of 2r-rs&Rs vein longer than proximal part (16:5). Protarsomeres in following proportions: 18:2:6:14:23. Enlarged claw ( Fig. 143C View FIGURE 143 ) with one large subdistal tooth and one row of 13 lamellae. Protarsomere 5 ( Fig. 143C View FIGURE 143 ) with two rows of approximately 28 lamellae; apex with about 18 lamellae. Tibial spurs 1/1/2.

♂. Unknown.

Material examined. Type: ♀ holotype: SOUTH AFRICA: Eastern Cape, 37 km NW Willowmore, Grootrivi- erberg Range , 33°11.46’S 24°09.51’E, 700 m, 19–24.XI.1999, MT, M.E. Irwin et al. leg. ( CNC) GoogleMaps   .

Hosts. Unknown.

Distribution. South Africa.


Canadian National Collection of Insects, Arachnids, and Nematodes






Dryinus irwini Olmi, 2007

Olmi, Massimo, Copeland, Robert S. & Noort, Simon Van 2019

Dryinus irwini Olmi 2007b: 215

Olmi, M. 2007: 215