Thaumatodryinus dentatus Benoit, 1954

Olmi, Massimo, Copeland, Robert S. & Noort, Simon Van, 2019, Dryinidae of the Afrotropical region (Hymenoptera, Chrysidoidea), Zootaxa 4630 (1), pp. 1-619 : 386-387

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Thaumatodryinus dentatus Benoit, 1954


3. Thaumatodryinus dentatus Benoit, 1954

( Fig. 158C View FIGURE 158 )

Thaumatodryinus dentatus Benoit 1954: 404 ; Olmi 1984: 690; 1994c: 10; Azevedo et al. 2010: 892.

Description. ♀. Fully winged; body length 4.5–4.8 mm. Head yellow-testaceous, except occiput partly black, ocel- lar region black and frons with four black spots (two in front and two behind antennal toruli); antenna testaceous, except antennomeres 1 and 4–10 dark; propleuron yellow; pronotum yellow-testaceous, except lateral regions partly brown; mesoscutum yellow-testaceous, except anterior margin black; mesoscutellum yellow-testaceous; furrow between mesoscutellum and mesoscutum brown; metanotum black; regions on sides of mesoscutellum and metanotum black; metapectal-propodeal disc black-brown, except anterior third reddish; petiole black; metasoma brownyellow; legs testaceous, except clubs of pro- and metafemora brown. In specimen from Madagascar, 13°10.00’S 49°42.36’E, head testaceous, except two small brown spots behind antennal toruli; antenna testaceous, except antennomere 2 yellow; mesosoma testaceous, except propleuron partly brown, two brown longitudinal stripes in lateral regions of pronotum, two small brown spots on mesopleuron near tegula, metanotum mostly brown, central brown longitudinal stripe on propodeal declivity; petiole brown; metasoma yellow, except part of segment 1 brown and brown transverse stripe on every segment from segment 2 to distal extremity; legs yellow, except brown spots on clubs of pro- and metafemur.Antenna clavate; antennomeres in following proportions: 15:9:28:33:41:40:28:13:9:11. Head shiny, granulate; occipital carina incomplete, only present behind ocelli and on sides of vertex; POL = 3.5; OL = 1; OOL = 8; OPL = 2; greatest breadth of lateral ocelli longer than OPL (3:2). In specimen from Madagascar, 12°30’52’’S 49°10’53’’E, OPL as long as OL. Pronotum shiny, setose, crossed by transverse impression, granulate; posterior tubercle of pronotum reaching tegula. Mesoscutum shiny, setose, granulate, sculptured by slight longitudinal striae. Notauli almost complete, posteriorly separated, slightly longer than POL (4:3.5). Mesoscutellum shiny, unsculptured. Metanotum rugose. Metapectal-propodeal disc reticulate rugose, with anterior third almost smooth (rugose in specimen from Madagascar, 18°01’35’’S 44°03’02’’E). Forewing hyaline, without dark transverse bands in specimen from Madagascar, 18°01’35’’S 44°03’02’’E, forewing with small dark spot around 2r-rs&Rs vein); distal part of 2r-rs&Rs vein much longer than proximal part (36:14); 2R1 cell open; pterostigma brown-light. Protarsomere 1 much longer than 4 (26:19). Protarsomere 3 produced into hook. Enlarged claw ( Fig. 158C View FIGURE 158 ) with two subapical teeth and one row of 36 lamellae. Protarsomere 5 ( Fig. 158C View FIGURE 158 ) with two rows of approximately 63 lamellae extending continuously to apex. Tibial spurs 1/1/2.

♂. Unknown.

Material examined. Types: ♀ holotype: MADAGASCAR: Toliara, Bekily , XI.1936 , A. Seyrig leg. ( MNHN). Paratypes: same locality label as holotype, IX.1936, 1 ♀ ( MNHN); same locality label as holotype, X.1936, 1 ♀ ( MNHN); same locality label, I.1940, 2 ♀♀ ( MRAC). Other material: MADAGASCAR: Antsiranana, Bekaraoka Forest , 6.8 km 60° ENE Daraina, 13°10.00’S 49°42.36’E, 150 m, 7.XII.2003 GoogleMaps , YPT, tropical dry forest, B.L. Fisher leg., BLF9873, 1♀ ( MOLC); Antsiranana, Montagne d’Ambre National Park , 12°30’52’’S 49°10’53’’E, 960 m, 12.II–4.III.2001 GoogleMaps , MT, R. Harin’Hala leg., MA-1-01°-07, 1♀ ( CAS); Mahajanga, Beanka Forest Reserve , 50.2 km E Maintirano, 18°01’35’’S 44°03’02’’E, 250 m, 19–26.X.2009 GoogleMaps , tropical dry forest on tsingy, MT, B.L. Fisher et al. leg., BLF22787 , 1♀ ( CAS); Mahajanga, Namoroka National Park , 16.40682S 45.31377E, 21–31.X.2016 GoogleMaps , MT, C. Villemant leg., 1♀ ( MNHN); Toliara, Fiherenana , 23°13.351’S 43°52.853’E, 65 m, 5–10.VIII.2003 GoogleMaps , MT, degraded riparian forest close to water, MGF076, Frontier Wilderness Project, 1♀ ( CAS) .

Hosts. Unknown.

Distribution. Madagascar.

Remarks. One ♀ of this species is also known in copal from Madagascar. It is deposited in MOLC. It is pos- sible that Thaumatodryinus merinus is the opposite sex of T. dentatus Benoit (because one ♀ and six ♂♂ have been collected in the same site in Mahajanga, 18°01’35’’S 44°03’02’’E, and 1 ♀ and 7 ♂♂ have been collected in the same site in Antsiranana, Bekaraoka Forest, 13°10.00’S 49°42.36’E).


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Thaumatodryinus dentatus Benoit, 1954

Olmi, Massimo, Copeland, Robert S. & Noort, Simon Van 2019

Thaumatodryinus dentatus

Azevedo, C. O. & Madl, M. & Olmi, M. 2010: 892
Olmi, M. 1994: 10
Olmi, M. 1984: 690
Benoit, P. L. G. 1954: 404
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