Metrocoris vietnamensis Tran & Zettel, 2005

A. D., Tran & Polhemus, D. A., 2017, The genus Metrocoris Mayr, 1865 (Gerromorpha: Gerridae) in Vietnam, with descriptions of five new species, Raffles Bulletin of Zoology 65, pp. 109-149 : 119

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Metrocoris vietnamensis Tran & Zettel, 2005


Metrocoris vietnamensis Tran & Zettel, 2005 View in CoL

( Figs. 9 View Figs , 52–55 View Figs )

Metrocoris vietnamensis Tran & Zettel, 2005: 42–45 View in CoL , Figs. 1–9 View Figs View Figs , 24, 26, 27 View Figs (type locality: Ba Na - Nui Chua , Da Nang, Vietnam).

Material examined. Holotype and paratypes: see Tran & Zettel (2005).

Others: VIETNAM: Da Nang Prov.: 1 male, 1 female (apt), Ba Na - Nui Chua, Suoi Nai - Thac Cau Vong , coll. Tran A.D. & Tan H.H., 01 March 2005, THH05-23 ( ZRC); 3 males, 5 females (apt), Ba Na - Nui Chua, Suoi Vong Nguyet, coll. Tran A.D. & Tan H.H., 01 March 2005, THH05-24 ( ZRC) .

Diagnosis. Male: fore femur variably incrassate (ratio length/width: 3.03–4.36), ventral surface of fore femur in distal one-fourth with black indentation which proximally marked by distinct tooth, and with single stout sub-apical tooth; inner surface of fore tibia subbasally with tooth-like elevation (indistinct in males with small fore leg) ( Figs. 52, 53 View Figs ). Male genitalia: pygophore not raised posteriorly, caudal margin broadly rounded, caudal face with paired, shallow impressions, dorso-lateral process curved and apically blunt (see Tran & Zettel, 2005: Figs. 4, 5 View Figs ); proctiger elongate (see Tran & Zettel, 2005: Fig. 5 View Figs ); paramere prominent, falciform, strongly curved and apically strongly narrowed ( Fig. 54 View Figs ); endosoma: dorsal sclerite long and recurved proximally, apical accessory sclerite distinct, lateral sclerite very large, slightly curved, ventral sclerite short, thin accessory lateral sclerite present (see Tran & Zettel, 2005: Figs. 7, 8 View Figs ). Sternum 7 of female ( Fig. 55 View Figs ): large, slightly longer than preceding abdominal sterna together, posterior one-third constricted, bifid forming two widely separated lobes, slightly slanting but not curved dorsad; notch between lobes as wide as each lobe; apices of lobes pointed, reaching apex of abdomen in ventral view.

Size: apterous males: length 6.0–6.8 (holotype 6.7), width 2.67–3.06 (holotype 2.96), macropterous males: length 6.2, width 2.73; apterous females: length 5.1–5.5 (allotype 5.4), width 2.81–3.10 (allotype 3.01).

Remarks. Metrocoris vietnamensis belongs to the Metrocoris bilobatus species group (sensu Chen & Nieser, 1993), and is the second species of this group found in Vietnam, the first being M. bilobatoides (see Chen & Nieser, 1993). A detailed comparison of Metrocoris vietnamensis with its congeners in the M. bilobatus group has already been provided by Tran & Zettel (2005: 44–45). For further comparisons with other members of M. bilobatus group which occur in Vietnam, see subsequent Remarks under M. johnpolhemi , new species.

Distribution. Vietnam: Da Nang ( Fig. 138 View Fig ).


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Metrocoris vietnamensis Tran & Zettel, 2005

A. D., Tran & Polhemus, D. A. 2017

Metrocoris vietnamensis

Tran AD & Zettel H 2005: 45
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