Ageniella (Ameragenia) rustica (Fabricius, 1804)

Waichert, Cecilia, Colombo, Wesley Dondoni, Von Dohlen, Carol D. & Pitts, James P., 2018, Taxonomic contributions to Ageniella Banks, 1912 (Hymenoptera: Pompilidae) from Brazil, Zootaxa 4403 (1), pp. 133-153: 141-142

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Ageniella (Ameragenia) rustica (Fabricius, 1804)


Ageniella (Ameragenia) rustica (Fabricius, 1804)  

Pompilus rusticus   FabrIcIUS, 1804, Systema Piezatorum, p. 199 [HOLOtypE: ♀, [SOUth AMErIca] (ZMUC #00241249), ExaMINEd].

Priophanes insolens   BaNkS, 1946, MUS. COMp. ZOOL. BULL., vOL. 96, p. 442 [HOLOtypE: ♀, BRAZIL, SaNta CatarINa ( MCZ #26637 View Materials ), ExaMINEd]. SyNOMIzEd by EvaNS (1973).  

Pseudageniella HaUpt, 1959   , NOva Acta LEOpOLdINa   , v. 21, p. 23 (typE SpEcIES: Pompilus rusticus   FabrIcIUS, MONOtypIc aNd by dESIgNatION, NOt ExaMINEd). SyNOMIzEd by EvaNS (1973).

Distribution. BRaZIL.

Host. UNkNOWN.

Remarks. EVaNS (1973) SYNONYmIZEd Priophanes insolens   WITh Ageniella rustica   aNd kEpT ThIS SpEcIES IN ThE SUbgENUS Ageniella (Ameragenia), WhIch   WaS a cLaSSIfIcaTION pROpOSEd bY TOWNES (1957) fOR A. insolens   . Ageniella rustica   haS ThE pROpOdEaL dISc cOVEREd bY EREcT-LONg SETaE aNd ThE hINd TIbIa WITh SpINES, WhIch OVERLap chaRacTERISTIcS Of Alasagenia   SpEcImENS, bUT ThE WINgS aRE hYaLINE WITh TWO daRk baNdS. PhOTOS Of ThE hOLOTYpE Of Pompilus rusticus   aRE aVaILabLE aT hTTp://