Ageniella (Ameragenia) rutila (Fox, 1897)

Waichert, Cecilia, Colombo, Wesley Dondoni, Von Dohlen, Carol D. & Pitts, James P., 2018, Taxonomic contributions to Ageniella Banks, 1912 (Hymenoptera: Pompilidae) from Brazil, Zootaxa 4403 (1), pp. 133-153: 142

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Ageniella (Ameragenia) rutila (Fox, 1897)

comb. nov.

Ageniella (Ameragenia) rutila (Fox, 1897)   , comb. nov.

( FIg. 2 View FIGURES 1–14 )

Salius (Priocnemis) rutilus   FOx, 1897, Acad. Nat. ScI. PhILa. PrOc., vOL. 49, p. 267 [HOLOtypE: ♂, BRAZIL, [Pará: SaNtaréM] ( CMNH), ExaMINEd].  

Distribution. BRaZIL.

Host. UNkNOWN.

Remarks. Salius rutilus   ( FIg. 2 View FIGURES 1–14 ) IS aNOThER NamE fOUNd WIThIN ThE fORgOTTEN TYpES Of FOx. ThE SpEcIES IS dEScRIbEd baSEd ON a maLE fROm SaNTaRÉm, PaRÁ. IT IS pOSSIbLE ThaT ThIS maLE IS ThE OppOSITE SEx Of a fEmaLE-ONLY SpEcIES, bUT ThE SExUaL dImORphISm SEEN IN Ageniella   hampERS aNY aTTEmpT TO aSSOcIaTE SExES.


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