Ageniella (Priophanes) otiosa (Banks, 1946)

Waichert, Cecilia, Colombo, Wesley Dondoni, Von Dohlen, Carol D. & Pitts, James P., 2018, Taxonomic contributions to Ageniella Banks, 1912 (Hymenoptera: Pompilidae) from Brazil, Zootaxa 4403 (1), pp. 133-153: 148

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Ageniella (Priophanes) otiosa (Banks, 1946)


Ageniella (Priophanes) otiosa (Banks, 1946)  

Priophanes otiosa   BaNkS, 1946, MUS. COMp. ZOOL. BULL., vOL. 96, p. 442 [HOLOtypE: ♀, BOLIVIA, SaNta CrUz (MCZ #26641), ExaMINEd]. JUNIOr SyNONyM Of Ageniella longula   (CrESSON) accOrdINg tO TOWNES 1957: 175. WE rEINStatE hErE thE NaME aNd SpEcIfIc StatUS Of Ageniella otiosa   (BaNkS), stat. resurr.

Distribution. BOLIVIa, BRaZIL ( NEW REcORd).

Examined material. BRAZIL: RIO GRaNdE dO SUL, 2 ♀, MORRO REdONdO, 31°40’22’’S 52°35’30’’W, 101 m, MaLaISE, 5.III.2004, R. F. KRügER cOLL. ( UFES) GoogleMaps   ; CapãO dO LEãO, 31°48’16’’S 52°35’30’’W, 7m, MaLaISE, R.F. KügER cOLL., 1 ♀ 7.II.2003, 1 ♀ 19.II.2004 (UFES).

Host. UNkNOWN.

Remarks. TOWNES (1957) SYNONYmIZEd Priophanes otiosa   BaNkS WITh Ageniella (Nemagenia) longula   (CRESSON). ThE hOLOTYpE Of A. longula   IS a maLE SpEcImEN WhILE A. otiosa   IS REpRESENTEd bY a fEmaLE hOLOTYpE. DESpITE ThE SExUaL dImORphISm ExpEcTEd, WE ExamINEd bOTh TYpES aNd REINSTaTE ThE NamE Ageniella otiosa   baSEd ON ThE dIffERENcES ObSERVEd: A. otiosa   haS cUpRUm SETaE cOVERINg ThE VERTEx, pOSTERIOR maRgIN Of pRONOTUm, aNd mESOScUTUm, WhIch aRE abSENT IN A. longula   ; ThE pRONOTUm IS NOT aS LONg aS SEEm IN A. longula   ; ThE SpINES IN ThE mId aNd hINd TIbIaS IN fEmaLE SpEcImENS aRE LaRgER aNd mORE cONSpIcUOUS IN A. otiosa   ThaN IN A. longula   ; ThE fOREWINg haS ThE VEIN 2TCU2 STRaIghT, ShapINg cELL 3RS SOmEWhaT TRapEZOIdaL WhEREaS A. longula   haS ThE VEIN 2TCU2 cURVEd WITh 3RS cELL ROUNdEd; aNd ThE LaST ThREE mETaSOmaL SEgmENTS aRE bLack (aNd fOURTh TERgITE). MOREOVER, ThE cLYpEUS IS LaRgE aNd TRapEZOIdaL IN A. longula   WhEREaS IT IS SLIghTLY aRchEd aNd ROUNdEd IN A. otiosa   . ThIS SpEcIES IS mORphOLOgIcaLLY SImILaR TO A. arcuata   (BaNkS), dIffERINg bY LackINg ThE abUNdaNT ShORT-WhITE pUbEScENcE ON ThE INTEgUmENT pRESENT ON A. arcuata   . ThE WINgS aRE daRkER IN A. otiosa   ThaN IN A. arcuata   . FINaLLY, A. arcuata   dISTRIbUTION IS LImITEd TO ThE NEaRcTIc REgION.


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