Ageniella (Alasagenia) curtispinus (Cameron, 1912)

Waichert, Cecilia, Colombo, Wesley Dondoni, Von Dohlen, Carol D. & Pitts, James P., 2018, Taxonomic contributions to Ageniella Banks, 1912 (Hymenoptera: Pompilidae) from Brazil, Zootaxa 4403 (1), pp. 133-153: 137

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Ageniella (Alasagenia) curtispinus (Cameron, 1912)


Ageniella (Alasagenia) curtispinus (Cameron, 1912)  

Priocnemis curtispinus   CaMErON, 1912, 419–420. [HOLOtypE: ♀, GUYANE (BMNH), ExaMINEd]. Alasagenia corymele   BaNkS, 1946, MUS. COMp. ZOOL. BUL., vOL. 96, p. 454–455 [HOLOtypE: ♀, TRINIDAD, BWI, (CUIC, ExaMINEd]. SyNOMIzEd by WahIS (1995).

Distribution. COLOmbIa, GUYaNa, PERU, TRINIdad aNd TObagO (CaSTRO-HUERTaS et al. 2014), aNd BRaZIL ( NEW REcORd).

Examined material. 1 ♂, BRAZIL: GO, PaRQUE NacIONaL Chapada dOS VEadEIROS, PT 6, Y[ ELLOW] P[aN] T[Rap], 17–19.Ix.2005, AgUIaR ET aL. cOLL. ( UFES).

Host. UNkNOWN.

Remarks. Ageniella curtispinus   IS mORphOLOgIcaLLY RELaTEd TO A. cursor   (SEE REmaRkS abOVE). IT WaS fIRST REcORdEd fROm COLOmbIa bY CaSTRO-HUERTaS et al. (2014) bUT mISSpELLEd IN ThE OccaSION (WRITTEN A. curtipinus   ).


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