Ageniella (Priophanes) rufigaster (Banks, 1946)

Waichert, Cecilia, Colombo, Wesley Dondoni, Von Dohlen, Carol D. & Pitts, James P., 2018, Taxonomic contributions to Ageniella Banks, 1912 (Hymenoptera: Pompilidae) from Brazil, Zootaxa 4403 (1), pp. 133-153: 149

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Ageniella (Priophanes) rufigaster (Banks, 1946)


Ageniella (Priophanes) rufigaster (Banks, 1946)  

( FIg. 13 View FIGURES 1–14 )

Priophanes rufigaster   BaNkS, 1946, MUS. COMp. ZOOL. BULL., vOL. 96, p. 450 [HOLOtypE: ♀, BRAZIL, [RIO dE JaNEIrO], REzENdE ( MCZ #26762 View Materials ), ExaMINEd].  

Distribution. BRaZIL.

Host. UNkNOWN.

Remarks. Ageniella rufigaster   ( FIg. 13 View FIGURES 1–14 ) IS mORphOLOgIcaLLY RELaTEd TO A. sericosoma (BaNkS)   bY haVINg ThE fRONT INVagINaTE LaTERaLLY TO ThE aNTENNaL INSERTION; haS gOLdEN ScaLE-LIkE pUbEScENcE ON ThE INTEgUmENT; aNd ThE fOREWINg WITh TWO WIdE daRk baNdS. WE abSTaIN fROm SYNONYmIZEd ThESE SpEcIES bY ThE Lack Of gOLdEN SETaE ON ThE mETaSOma IN A. rufigaster, WhIch   IS pRESENT IN A. sericosoma   , aNd ThE LEgS bROWN IN A. rufigaster   , WhEREaS IN A. sericosoma   ThE LEgS aRE paLE bROWN fROm ThE baSE Of ThE fEmUR. ThIS SpEcIES aLSO RESEmbLES A. pictipennis (BaNkS)   bY haVINg ThE bOdY SLENdER, LONg aNd bRISTLY LEgS, aNd SOmEWhaT WEak mETaLLIc INTEgUmENT.