Peropteryx leucoptera Peters, 1867

Turni, Hendrik & Kock, Dieter, 2008, Type specimens of bats (Chiroptera: Mammalia) in the collections of the Museum f r Naturkunde, Berlin, Zootaxa 1869 (1), pp. 1-82 : 25

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Peropteryx leucoptera Peters, 1867


Peropteryx leucoptera Peters, 1867

Peters, W. C. H. (1867b) Über die zu den Gattungen Mimon und Saccopteryx gehörigen Flederthiere. Monatsberichte der Königlich Preussischen Akademie der Wissenschaften zu Berlin, 1867: 474 [469–481].

Valid name: Peropteryx leucoptera Peters, 1867

Syntypes: ZMB 3349 View Materials (two specimens) and the following uncatalogued specimens with old numbers A 1839, A 1840 (two specimens), A 3982 (three specimens), A 4208 (three specimens), specimen “A” and specimen “B”; all bodies in alcohol, with skulls extracted (one of ZMB 3349 View Materials is missing); Suriname; collected by Kappler.

Comment: Although Dobson (1878: 375) mentioned “ type ” in the ZMB, Carter & Dolan (1978: 21) could not find specimens collected by Kappler at the ZMB. However, Husson (1962: 54) recorded two males (one as ZMB A 1840 and one as A 4208) and six females (A 1839, A 4208, ZMB 3349 (two specimens) and “A” and “B”). In our investigation we found two specimens of A 1840 and three specimens each of A 4208 an A 3982.

Proboscidea saxatilis SPIX, 1823

Spix, J.B. von (1823) Simiarum et Vespertilionum Brasiliensium species novae: 62 [1–72].

Valid name: Rhynchonycteris naso (Wied-Neuwied, 1820)

Syntype: ZMB 3058 View Materials , body in alcohol, skull extracted, female adult; Mucuri bank, Minas Geraes, Brazil; collected by Spix, ca. 1820, ex ZSM.

Comment: This syntype was cited as ZMB 3085 View Materials by Carter & Dolan (1978: 16), which is a typing error. According to the general catalogue its correct catalogue number is ZMB 3058 View Materials . Further syntypes are in ZSM (Nr. 22/50, a skin without the skull extracted) and RMNH (17643).


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