Pristoderus elongatus ( Blackburn, 1891 ) Blackburn, 1891

Turco, Federica, Ślipiński, Adam & Lambkin, Christine L., 2012, Taxonomic revision of Australian Pristoderus Hope (Coleoptera, Zopheridae), Zootaxa 3239, pp. 1-34 : 6-7

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Pristoderus elongatus ( Blackburn, 1891 )

comb. nov.

Pristoderus elongatus ( Blackburn, 1891) comb. n.

( Figs 2 View FIGURE 2 b, 4b, 6b, 8b)

Sparactus elongatus Blackburn, 1891: 116 .

Types. Lectotype of elongatus : South Australia, Port Lincoln District [ Ga : 34.724S 135.855E] ( BMNH, here designated). GoogleMaps

Other specimens examined. Australia (1, SAMA) .

New South Wales: (1, ANIC); Blue Mts [ Ga : 33.665S 150.285E] (1, QMBA); GoogleMaps Blue Mts, Blackburn [ Ga : 33.665S 150.285E] (1, SAMA); GoogleMaps Dorrigo, W. Heron [ Ga : 30.332S 152.718E] (1, ANIC); GoogleMaps Eccleston, iii.21, Xanthorrhoea, H.J. Carter [- 32.249S 151.485E] (2, NMV); GoogleMaps Greta, 25.xi.1951, J. Sedlacek [ Ga : 32.682S 151.393E] (1, BPBM); GoogleMaps Hornsby, C. Gibbons [ Ga : 33.702S 151.097E] (2, AM); GoogleMaps Mt Irvine , i.05, H.J. Carter [ Ga : 33.490S 150.451E] (1, ANIC); GoogleMaps Mt Irvine, 20.iv.22, H.J. Carter [ Ga : 33.490S 150.451E] (3, NMV); GoogleMaps The Kurrajong, Blue Mts, in grass-tree, J. Armstrong [ Ga : 30.083S 150.900E] (1, QMBA; 1, ANIC); GoogleMaps Muswellbrook, E.W. Ferguson coll. [ Ga : 32.265S 150.885E] (1, ANIC); GoogleMaps Paterson, C. Oke [ Ga : 32.597S 151.600E] (2, NMV); GoogleMaps Sydney, E.W. Ferguson coll. [ Ga : 33.865S 151.210E] (1, ANIC); GoogleMaps Sydney, ix.02, Helms coll. [ Ga : 33.865S 151.210E] (1, BPBM); GoogleMaps Sydney, C. Gibbons [ Ga : 33.865S 151.210E] (1, ANIC); GoogleMaps Sydney, Lea [ Ga : 33.865S 151.210E] (1, WADA); GoogleMaps Wild Cattle Cr. State Forest Platypus Flat, 16.xi.1982, J. Doyen [ Ga : 30.249S 152.751E] (1, ANIC). GoogleMaps

Queensland: National Park , Lea [ Ga : 28.256S 153.134E] (1, QMBA). GoogleMaps

South Australia: Deep Crk. Cons. Pk 138 St. 16' 35 St 37.5', 19-20.iii.1981, E.G. Matthews & J.A. Forrest [ Ga : 35.623S 138.272E] (2, SAMA); GoogleMaps Kangaroo I., Xanthorrhoea, Lea [ Ga : 35.762S 137.619E] (11, SAMA); GoogleMaps Kangaroo Is., i.1956 [ Ga : 35.762S 137.619E] (1, SAMA); GoogleMaps Kangaroo Is., Mi.S.Mt. Taylor , D. Seton, 31.xii.1965, under gum bark 2,5 , N. McFarland [ Ga : 35.762S 137.619E] (1, SAMA); GoogleMaps Mt Lofty Rgs , S.H. Curnow [- 34.974S 138.709E] (3, SAMA); GoogleMaps Mt Painter, Finders Range , H.G. Stokes [ Ga : 30.230S 139.359E] (1, SAMA); GoogleMaps 33 miles NW of Port Lincoln , 3.i.1967, M.S. Upton [GE: 34.400S 135.502E] (2, ANIC); GoogleMaps Port Lincoln, 12.viii.50, C. Oke [ Ga : 34.724S 135.855E] (1, NMV); GoogleMaps Port Lincoln , 14.viii.50, C. Oke [ Ga : 34.724S 135.855E] (2, NMV); GoogleMaps Quorn, Blackburn [ Ga : 32.346S 138.041E] (3, SAMA). GoogleMaps

Tasmania : A. Simson (1, SAMA).

Western Australia: 20.iv.22, H.J. Carter (1, NMV); 31.47S 116.23E, Baker's Hill , 5 mi W of Northam, 6.iv.1969, CSIRO light trap (1, ANIC); GoogleMaps Deep Dene, Karridale , 10.ii.1963, L.M. O'Halloran [ Ga : 34.201S 115.100E] (1, ANIC); GoogleMaps 34.884S 116.546E, D'Entrecasteaux N.P., 20 km NW Walpole , 86m, Pyrethrum , 8 Sep 0 9, G.B. Monteith & F. Turco, 18575 (1, QMBA ethanol coll.); King George Sound [ Ga : 35.049S 117.934E] (2, ANIC; 2, AM); GoogleMaps South Perth, H.M. Giles , 4.3.0 3, 1976 [GE: 32.325S 115.906E] (1, WADA); GoogleMaps 34.395S 117.883E, Stirling Ra. N.P., 25 km NE Kendenup , 267m, Pyrethrum , 7 Sep 0 9, Corymbia , G.B. Monteith & F. Turco, 18569 (2, QMBA ethanol coll.); GoogleMaps Stirling Ra., Mt. Toolbrunup, 7 Dec 1970, mv lamp, G. A. Holloway [ Ga : 34.384S 118.049E] (1, AM); GoogleMaps Swan R. , J. Clark [ Ga : 32.055S 115.735E] (1, NMV); GoogleMaps Swan R., Lea [ Ga : 32.055S 115.735E] (3, SAMA); GoogleMaps Swan R. , Helms [ Ga : 32.055S 115.735E] (3, BPBM). GoogleMaps

Diagnosis. This species shares with P. occidentalis and P. queenslandicus the pronotum widest near middle, weakly narrowing posteriorly and anteriorly. It is distinct by having a highly raised supraorbital carina with straight or only weakly sinuate margins and low tubercles on 3rd, 5th and 7th elytral intervals.

Redescription. Body length: 7.4–11.0 mm.

Body flattened, elongate (ratio max length/max width: 2.75–2.96); colour uniformly dark brown; body vestiture consisting of very short, recumbent dark setae, denser on elytral tubercles; setae more erect and longer on antennae.

Head transverse; supraorbital carina slightly raised, sinuate; supra-antennal carina not raised and edge entire, not indented; eyes protruding with short, squamiform interfacetal setae; angulate protrusion between antennal insertion and eye, visible in lateral view; antennal insertion ventral, just below the edge of supra-antennal carina; antennae 11-segmented with a distinct 3-segmented club; antennomeres I–III subcylindrical, increasingly narrower from I to III; III distinctly longer than II; IV–VIII very short and simple; IX–XI transverse to form a rather loose club.

Pronotum transverse (pronotal length/width: 0.67–0.79), slightly narrower than elytra, without prominent median process; margins smooth; antero-lateral portion with one lobe angulated, directed anteriorly and only weakly wider than postero-lateral; sculpture of pronotal disc as in Fig. 2 View FIGURE 2 b.

Elytra about twice as long as wide (elytral length/width: 1.87–2), with lateral margins straight and smooth; low and short tubercles on 3rd, 5th and 7th intervals, all of about the same size.

Distribution and habitat occurrence. SW Western Australia, South Australia, Tasmania (?), New South Wales and SE Queensland ( Fig. 10 View FIGURE 10 b); open forest.

The only record from Tasmania is an old specimen with no detailed locality information (SAMA) and it is herein considered doubtful because no other record from the same area is available and the specimen may have been mislabeled.


United Kingdom, London, The Natural History Museum [formerly British Museum (Natural History)]


Australia, South Australia, Adelaide, South Australian Museum


Australia, Australian Capital Territory, Canberra City, CSIRO, Australian National Insect Collection


Australia, Queensland, South Brisbane, Queensland Museum




USA, Hawaii, Honolulu, Bernice P. Bishop Museum


Australia, Western Australia, South Perth, Agriculture Western Australia, Western Australia Insect Collection


South Australia Museum


Australian National Insect Collection


Museum Victoria


Bishop Museum


Western Australia Department of Agriculture














Pristoderus elongatus ( Blackburn, 1891 )

Turco, Federica, Ślipiński, Adam & Lambkin, Christine L. 2012

Sparactus elongatus

Blackburn 1891: 116
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