Holophris marginella ( Mocsáry, 1890 ), Mocsary, 1890

Rosa, Paolo, Wei, Na-Sen, Notton, David & Xu, Zai-Fu, 2016, Revision of the Oriental genus Holophris Mocsáry, 1890 and description of the genus Leptopareia Rosa & Xu, gen. nov. (Hymenoptera, Chrysididae), Zootaxa 4083 (2): 205-207

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Holophris marginella ( Mocsáry, 1890 )


Holophris marginella ( Mocsáry, 1890)  

( Figs 1B View FIGURE 1 , 4A –4F View FIGURE 4 )

Ellampus (Holophris) marginellus Mocsáry, 1890: 51   . Holotype ♀: Sumatra ( ETHZ).

Ellampus marginellus Mocsáry   : Dalla Torre 1892: 13.

Holophris marginellus (Mocsáry)   : Ashmead 1902: 229; Bischoff 1913: 11; du Buysson 1901: 99; Kimsey & Bohart 1991: 225.

Ellampus (Holophris) marginellus Mocsáry: Mocsáry 1913: 287   .

Omalus (Holophris) marginellus (Mocsáry)   : Linsenmaier 1959: 20.

Omalus marginellus (Mocsáry)   : Baltazar 1966: 188.

Material examined. CHINA: 1♀, Yunnan, Gaoligongshan National Nature Reserve (25°50'23"N 98°51'23"E), 20–21.VII.2006, leg. J. Zeng, J. Ma & B. Xiao ( SCAU); 1♀, Hainan, Bawangling National Nature Reserve (19°7'31"N 109°14'6"E), 7–11.VII.2006, leg. J-x. Liu & L-q. Weng ( SCAU); 1♀, Hainan, Baisha county, Mt. Jiujialing (19°14'7"N 109°23'58"E), 17.VII.2010, leg. H-y. Chen ( SCAU). PHILIPPINE: five specimens (sex unknown): Luzon, Los Baños, leg. Baker, marginellus   det. Mocsáry] ( HNHM); Luzon, Mt. Makiling, leg. Baker ( HNHM). Singapur: 1 ex., Singapur, 1898, leg. Biró ( HNHM); 1♀, Philippinen, Kolanbugan 15.I. [leg.] Böttcher / Holophris marginellus Mocs.   / Holophris marginellus Trautm.   det. [handwritten by Trautmann] ( ETHZ); 1 ex., Philippinen, Ins. Basilan, 12.17, [leg.] Böttcher ( ETHZ); 1♀, Los Baños, Philippine Is., VII.1921, F.X. Williams collector (BME). MALAYSIA: 1♀, Malaya Kuala Lumpur March 1926 / H.M. Pendlebury F.M.S. Museum ( NMLS); 1♂, Malaya Kuala Lumpur Feb 25th 1927 / H.M. Pendlebury F.M.S. Museum ( NMLS); 1♀, Sumatra XI.[18]84 Sampir ( NMLS); 1♀, Borneo, Sarawak, Kapit District, Merirai Valley, 28–31.VII.1958, T.C. Maa Collector Bishop, Omalus marginellus Mocs   '86 LS Kimsey det. (BME); 1♀, Borneo, Sarawak, sw. Gunung Buda 64 km S. Limbang (4°13'N 114°56'E) XI.1996 S.L. Heydon & S. Fung (BME); 1♀, Borneo, Sarawak, S. Gunung Buda 64 km S. Limbang (4°12'N 114°56'E), 18.XI.1996, S.L. Heydon & S. Fung (BME). THAILAND: 1♀, Ubon Ratchathani Pha Taem NP (15°27'N 105°35'E), 232 m, 2–9.V.2007, MT, S. Mingman T2186 (BME); 1♀, Chaiyaphum Tat Tone NP Phu Hang Sing (15°58.723'N 102°02.231'E), MT, 5–12.VII.2006, T. Jaruphan & O. Budsawong T220 (BME); 1♀, Loei, Phu Kradueng National Park, mixed deciduous / S Na Noy office, 276 m, (16°49.0'N 101°47.6'E), Thonghuay Phatai, 21–28.V.2008, MT, T5015 (BME).

Diagnosis. Holophris marginella ( Mocsáry, 1890)   resembles H. thailandica   sp. nov., but can be distinguished from the latter by single row of deep punctures on anterior margin of pronotum (two rows in H. thailandica   ) and body colouration. Red specimens of H. marginella   are also similar to H. taiwana (Tsuneki)   , but can be separated by striated mesoscutellum (smooth and impunctate medially in H. taiwana   ).

Redescription. Female. Body length 2.9–4.1 mm ( Fig. 4A View FIGURE 4 ). Fore wing length 2.3–2.6 mm. OOL = 1.3 MOD; POL = 2.3 MOD; MS = 1 MOD; relative length of P:F1:F2:F3 = 1:0.8:0.8:0.7.

Head. In frontal view, upper profile extremely convex ( Fig. 4B View FIGURE 4 ). Head from scapal basin to occipital area with small, shallow and spaced punctures, with intervals transversally and deeply wrinkled forming continuous striae between punctures. Scapal basin deep and polished, transversally wrinkled toward clypeus. In lateral view, longest distance between genal carina and lower margin of eye 0.8 MOD; genal carina bisecting MS, its end is close to lower margin of eye (0.2–0.3 MOD). Ocellar triangle isosceles. Postocellar line distinctly close to ocelli, medially absent. Gena smooth, almost without wrinkles. Occipital area and ocellar area impunctate, with tiny punctures in ocellar area and sparse tiny punctures on occipital area.

Mesosoma. Pronotum impunctate, with sparse tiny punctures; with single row of deep punctures on anterior margin and large, dense (0–0.5 PD) punctures antero-laterally, in corner with corrugated intervals. Mesoscutum impunctate, with sparse tiny punctures ( Fig. 4C View FIGURE 4 ); notaular pits narrow and short (0.5 MOD), notauli indistinct ( Figs 4C, 4D View FIGURE 4 ); lateral field of mesoscutum with row of large and elongated punctures along tegula margin. Mesoscutellum with four foveae on anterior margin, with two median foveae large (1.5 MOD) and two lateral ones smaller (1 MOD); median foveae separated by 0.3 MOD. Mesoscutellum longitudinally wrinkled, with round punctures towards alar fovea ( Fig. 4D View FIGURE 4 ). Metanotum distinctly elongated, with deep, round and large punctures and subequal intervals, with smooth intervals bearing some tiny punctures. Mesopleuron with small and round punctures, with large interspaces (0.2–1.5 PD) with elongated sub-transverse striae from alar fovea to posterior margin ( Fig. 4A View FIGURE 4 ). Tarsal claw with three teeth.

Metasoma. T1 impunctate. T2 and T3 almost impunctate, with sparse tiny punctures close to lateral margins. T1 without semitransparent rim. T2 and T3 with wide brown semitransparent rim (1.5–2 MOD). Apex of T3 without median notch ( Fig. 4F View FIGURE 4 ).

Colouration. Face metallic blue to green; ocellar area, gena and occipital area black. Mesosoma dorsally black; pronotum antero-laterally, mesopleuron (including or excluding contrasting omaulus), mesoscutellum laterally and intervals between punctures on metanotum metallic uniformly golden-red, red, bronze or green ( Fig. 4D View FIGURE 4 ); bottom of punctures can be non-metallic black contrasting with metallic intervals. Antenna black, with scape metallic blue or green. Tegula brown, without metallic reflection. Legs metallic bluish green, with tarsi testaceous and without metallic reflection. Metasoma entirely black, excluding brown semitransparent rims on posterior margins of T2 and T3. Some specimens with metallic green mesosoma also have green to green-blue metallic T1 and T2.

Variation. Holophris marginella   shows some colour variation. All specimens with pronotum and mesoscutum black; but some specimens, including some specimens from the Philippines ( HNHM) and some specimens from BME and ETHZ, with mesoscutellum and metanotum laterally, propodeum and mesopleuron metallic green; T1 and T2 almost entirely metallic green and T3 black. Other specimens show the same colour pattern, but with red, golden, or bronze colour instead of green; moreover, in red or golden specimens, omaulus area can be blue, in contrast with red, golden, or bronze mesopleuron ( Fig. 4A View FIGURE 4 ) or concolour, and metasoma varies from fully black with weak metallic reflection laterally, to entirely metallic green on T1 and T2. These variations are observed even within same populations in Malaysia and Philippines and are not in relation to sexual dimorphism.

Male. Similar to female, except T3 apically round.

Distribution. * China (Yunnan, Hainan), Malaysia, Philippines, Vietnam ( Mocsáry 1913; Baltazar 1966; Kimsey & Bohart 1991), * Thailand.

Remarks. The holotype of Ellampus (Holophris) marginellus Mocsáry   was not found in the ETHZ collection (teste Rod Eastwood).


Eidgenoessische Technische Hochschule-Zentrum


Hungarian Natural History Museum (Termeszettudomanyi Muzeum)


Natur-Museum Luzern


University of Modena and Reggio Emilia, Department of Biology














Holophris marginella ( Mocsáry, 1890 )

Rosa, Paolo, Wei, Na-Sen, Notton, David & Xu, Zai-Fu 2016

marginellus (Mocsáry)

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(Holophris) marginellus (Mocsáry)

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Ellampus (Holophris) marginellus Mocsáry: Mocsáry 1913 : 287

Mocsary, A. 1913: 287

Holophris marginellus (Mocsáry)

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Ellampus marginellus Mocsáry

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Ellampus (Holophris) marginellus Mocsáry, 1890 : 51

Mocsary, A. 1890: 51