Bactris gasipaes Kunth, 2017

Stauffer, Fred W. & Stauffer, Johann, 2017, The palm (Arecaceae) collections gathered by Bonpland and Humboldt in their American journey: origin and fate of the specimens and typifications, Candollea 72 (1), pp. 5-22 : 17-18

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Bactris gasipaes Kunth


4. Bactris gasipaes Kunth View in CoL , Nov. Gen. Sp. 1 (ed. 4): 302. 1816.

Typus: COLOMBIA: “Crescit juxta urbem Ibague Novogranatensium”, s.d., Bonpland & Humboldt s.n. (holo-: P-Bonpl. [P00669607]!; iso-: P [P00731482]!).

Vernacular name. – “Gachipaes” (Bonpland & Humboldt s.n.).

Note. – A cupper engraving by Turpin is associated with the holotype in P-Bonpl.

5. Bactris minor Jacq., Select. Stirp. Amer. Hist. (ed. 2): 134. 1781.

= Bactris guineensis (L.) H.E. Moore in Gentes Herb. 9: 251. 1963.

Collection. – V ENEZUELA: “Caripe”, s.d., Bonpland & Humboldt 343 (B-W [BW17539020]!).

Notes. – No material associated to this palm was found in

P-Bonpl. and P.

6. Ceroxylon alpinum Bonpl. ex DC. View in CoL in Bull. Sci. Soc. Philom. Paris 3: 239. 1804.

Ceroxylon andicolum Bonpl., Pl. Aequinoct. 1: 1. 1805 [nom. inval.].

Lectotypus (designated here): C OLOMBIA: “ Crescit in montis Quindiuensis ; Quindio ”, s.d., Bonpland & Humboldt 1844 (P [P00725216]!; isolecto-: FI!, P [P00725214, P00725215]!; P-Bonpl. [P00320011]!) .

Vernacularname.– “Palma de Cera” (Bonpland & Humboldt 1844).

Notes. – The original publication does not provide any collection number for the type material but the original label bears the collection number Bonpland & Humboldt 1844. SANIN et al. (2011) pointed out that the holotype of the species was deposited at P, without designating any specific specimen. It cannot be accepted as an implicit lectotypification. Here we designate the specimen deposited at P [P00725216], with informative vegetative and reproductive structures and a complete original label, as the lectotype of the species and the remaining specimens at P, P-Bonpl. and FI considered as isolectotypes.

7. Chamaerops mocinoi Kunth , Nov. Gen. Sp. 1 (ed. 4): 300. 1816 [as mocini].

= Cryosophila nana (Kunth) Blume View in CoL in Rumphia 2: 53. 1838.

Typus: MEXICO: “Crescit in littore Mexicano Oceani Pacifici juxta portum Acapulci; Prope Acapulco”, s.d., Bonpland & Humboldt s.n. (holo-: M [M0208113]!).

Notes. – As indicated by EVANS (1995) no original material associated to this species can be found in P and P-Bonpl., and therefore the specimen at M should be regarded as the holotype. It remains unclear for us the reason why this original material arrived to M, although the presence in this institution of the celebrated palm expert Martius may be associated to this fact.

8. Cocos butyracea Mutis ex L.f., Suppl. Pl. 454. 1782.

÷ Attalea butyracea View in CoL (Mutis ex L.f.) Wess. Boer in Pittieria 17: 312. 1988.

Collection. – COLOMBIA: “Crescit locis calidis et temperatis regni Novogranatensis ad ostia fluminis Sinu; item in convalle fluminis Magdalenae juxta Melgar, mesa de Cuello, Contreras et Ibague in radicibus Andium Quinduensium; in convalle Caucae prope Carthaginem”, s.d., Bonpland & Humboldt 1380 (P [P01743347, P01743348, P01743349]).

Vernacular names. – “Palma real”, “Palma dulce (Rio Sinu)”, “Palma de Cuesco”, “Palma de vino”, “Corozo de los Marano (Convallis Caucae)” (Bonpland & Humboldt 1380).

Note. – No specimen was found at P-Bonpl.

9. Cocos crispa Kunth , Nov. Gen. Sp. 1 (ed. 4): 302. 1816.

÷ Acrocomia crispa (Kunth) C.F.Baker ex Becc. View in CoL in Pomona Coll. J. Econ. Bot. 2: 364. 1912.

Typus: CUBA: “Crescit in insula Cubae inter Havanam et Regla”, s.d., Bonpland & Humboldt s.n. (P & P-Bonpl., not found).

Neotypus (designated here): C UBA: Santa Clara, Serpentine hill “La Lanza”, west of Manajanabo , 3.VIII.1915, fr., León & Bro. Gustave 5292 (NY [ NY1662973 ]!) .

Vernacular name. – “Palma Barrigona” ( KUNTH, 1816 ).

Note. – The specimen of León & Bro. Gustave 5292 (NY) from Cuba has been chosen as lectotype as it contains informative fragments of leaves (apical and mid-length portions) and entire inflorescence rachillae .














Bactris gasipaes Kunth

Stauffer, Fred W. & Stauffer, Johann 2017

Attalea butyracea

Boer 1988: 312

Acrocomia crispa (Kunth) C.F.Baker ex

Becc. 1912: 364
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