Charaxes (Charaxes) hansali baringana Rothschild, 1905

Liseki, Steven D. & Vane-Wright, Richard I., 2015, Butterflies (Lepidoptera: Papilionoidea) of Mount Kilimanjaro: Nymphalidae subfamilies Libytheinae, Danainae, Satyrinae and Charaxinae, Journal of Natural History 50, pp. 865-904: 890

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Charaxes (Charaxes) hansali baringana Rothschild, 1905


Charaxes (Charaxes) hansali baringana Rothschild, 1905  

Henning 1989: 95 (4 figs). Larsen 1996: pl. 33, fig. 460 i. SI: Figure 24e – h.

Forewing length (based entirely on material from Kenya): male 39 – 46 mm [mean (n = 11) 42.87 mm, SD = 1.646]; female 45.5 – 52.5 mm [mean (n = 4) 48.15 mm, SD = 2.437]. van Someren (1971, p. 191 – 192) gave male forewing length as 39 – 43 mm, female 43 – 50 mm.


‘ Mostly arid habitats... Mlamba Forest in North Pare Mountains, Kilimanjaro, Mto wa Mbu (below Ngorongoro), Usambara region, Mwanza ’ ( Kielland 1990, p. 104). Cordeiro (1990, p. 34) recorded it from Lake Manyara National Park, where it appeared to be scarce. Not encountered by Liseki (2009), and there does not appear to be any Kilimanjaro area material in OUMNH or BMNH. Although not specifically recorded by van Someren (1971) or Henning (1989) as a Kilimanjaro species, it is included here, on the basis of Kielland ’ s general statement, as a member of the lower slopes fauna. Outside Tanzania this savanna and woodland subspecies occurs in Rwanda (east), Kenya (including kulalae van Someren 1975; treated by Henning 1989; as distinct, but synonymized by Larsen 1996, p. 287), Uganda (north), Sudan (south) and Ethiopia (south). The nominate subspecies is found in parts of Ethiopia, Somalia and Arabia, with a third subspecies in Oman ( Ackery et al. 1995, p. 445), and a fourth in Yemen, Charaxes   h. yemeni Turlin, 1998.