Plectocolea micrantha

Váňa, Jiří, Söderström, Lars, Hagborg, Anders & Konrat, Matt Von, 2013, Notes on Early Land Plants Today. 44. Comments on sexuality in Solenostoma (Solenostomataceae, Marchantiophyta) and on some newly described taxa, Phytotaxa 152 (1), pp. 33-47 : 37

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Plectocolea micrantha


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Bakalin (2013: 137) states that Solenostoma micranthum ( Mitten 1873: 405) Váňa et al. (2010: 137) probably is paroicous, not dioicous as thought until now. He found androecia just below the perianth which Mitten (1873: 405), who described this species, did not find (according to Bakalin probably because they are disappearing very quickly after fertilization), but Stephani (1901: 503), who only received one shoot, found intercalary androecia. In the description of the type Bakalin wrote “androecia just below perianth” which does not correspond with “intercalary androecia” described by Stephani (and confirmed by the senior author on the G specimen from herb. Stephani). Bakalin did not present figures of paroicous plants (fig. 7:2 showed only three antheridia, and archegonia are not in this figure as stated in the legend). If the statement of Bakalin is correct, Solenostoma micranthum is probably not paroicous, but heteroicous (cf. e.g. Jungermannia pumila and probably some other taxa incl. Solenostoma pseudopyriflorum Bakalin & Vilnet (2010: 159)) .

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