Plectocolea kurilensis

Váňa, Jiří, Söderström, Lars, Hagborg, Anders & Konrat, Matt Von, 2013, Notes on Early Land Plants Today. 44. Comments on sexuality in Solenostoma (Solenostomataceae, Marchantiophyta) and on some newly described taxa, Phytotaxa 152 (1), pp. 33-47 : 40

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Plectocolea kurilensis


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Bakalin & Vilnet (2012: 569) wrote “The relationship observed here between P. kurilensis and clade of P. rigidula and three poorly known Plectocolea species from South Korea is not well supported...” “Therefore, P. kurilensis appears to be a more heterogeneous species, with a complicated infraspecific structure that could be clarified by analyzing additional samples”. Bakalin (l. c.: 579) considered this species “most superficially similar to both P. infusca s. str. and P. rosulans ” and compared it with the two mentioned species. However, the phylogenetic tree based on combined trnL-F + trnG does not show the close relationship of Plectocolea kurilensis to Solenostoma infuscum ( Mitten 1891: 196) Hentschel et al. (2007: 152) and Solenostoma rosulans ( Stephani 1897: 101) Váňa & Long (2009: 507) . Moreover, in the cladogram two specimens of Plectocolea kurilensis from Japan are included, which are not mentioned in the description of Plectocolea kurilensis . Because the authors gave no information about the localities of voucher specimens, nothing more is known about these samples. They are placed in the basal position and they may represent “morphologically ambiguous samples” (l.c.: 569). In our opinion, the plants of this species are much more similar (morphologically) to Plectocolea ovalifolia than to any of the above mentioned species, at least according to drawings (l.c.: fig. 5 and 6). This taxon seems to be problematical and heterogeneous, and future studies on molecular and morphological basis will probably help to clarify its value. In the meantime a transfer to Solenostoma is necessary.

Solenostoma kurilense (Bakalin) Váňa , comb. nov. Basionym: Plectocolea flagellata var. kurilensis Bakalin , Arctoa 18: 90, 2009 [2010] (Bakalin et al. 2010). Type: RUSSIA. Kuril Is.: Iturup Island, valley of Khvoynaya River near Gornyy Settl. (44°55'55,6"N 147°34'30,2"E), 64 m alt., 7 August 2007, V.A. Bakalin, K-10-1-07 (VLA)

Solenostoma flagellatum var. kurilense (Bakalin) Váňa, Phytotaxa 65: 44, 2012 ( Váňa et al. 2012) ≡ Plectocolea kurilensis (Bakalin) Bakalin et Vilnet, Bryologist 115:577, 2012 ( Bakalin & Vilnet 2012).

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