Plectocolea ovalifolia

Váňa, Jiří, Söderström, Lars, Hagborg, Anders & Konrat, Matt Von, 2013, Notes on Early Land Plants Today. 44. Comments on sexuality in Solenostoma (Solenostomataceae, Marchantiophyta) and on some newly described taxa, Phytotaxa 152 (1), pp. 33-47 : 40

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Plectocolea ovalifolia


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The morphological differences between Plectocolea ovalifolia and Solenostoma infuscum ( var. infuscum ) are small (only uniformly oval leaves are significant). The size of plants and purple rhizoids are not important differences as the same size and purple rhizoids are known also in Solenostoma infuscum . However, according to molecular data ( Bakalin & Vilnet 2012: 569) it probably represents a good taxon of specific rank (belonging to different clades) and they elevate Plectocolea infusca var. ovalifolia to the species rank, Plectocolea ovalifolia . A transfer to Solenostoma is necessary.

Solenostoma ovalifolium (Amakawa) Váňa , comb. nov. Basionym: Plectocolea infusca var. ovalifolia Amakawa, J. Jap. Bot. 34: 115, 1959 ( Amakawa 1959). Type: JAPAN. Hokkaido: Esan nr. Hakodate , Kuwahara 5758 (holotype NICH!).

Solenostoma infuscum var. ovalifolium (Amakawa) Potemkin & Sofronova, Pečënočniki i antocerotovye Rossii 1: 287, 2009 ( Potemkin 2009). ≡ Plectocolea ovalifolia (Amakawa) Bakalin et Vilnet, Bryologist 115: 579, 2012 ( Bakalin & Vilnet 2012).

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