Stomylotrematidae Poche, 1926, Poche, 1926

Cremonte, Florencia & Drago, Fabiana B., 2007, Checklist of digenean parasites of birds from Argentina, Zootaxa 1403, pp. 1-36: 15

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Stomylotrematidae Poche, 1926


Family Stomylotrematidae Poche, 1926  

Stomylotrema Looss, 1900  

Stomylotrema vicarium Braun, 1901  

Natural host: Larus dominicanus Lichtenstein.  

Experimental hosts: Gallus gallus domesticus   (L.), Vanellus chilensis (Molina)   . Site of infection: intestine, cloaca.

Locality: Buenos Aires Province.

Life history: Hi 1: Probably Pomacea canaliculata (Lamark)   . Hi 2: larvae of Megadytes glaucus (Brullé)  

from Buenos Aires Province; metacercariae encysted in visceral cavity. References: Szidat (1964), Ostrowski de Núñez (1978).

Stomylotrema   sp.

Natural hosts: Plegadis chihi (Vieillot)   , Agelaius thilius petersii (Laubmann)   . Site of infection: not reported.

Locality: Buenos Aires Province.

Life history: Hi 2: adults of Belostoma elegans (Mayr)   and B. oxyurum (Dufour)   from Buenos Aires Province and B. foveolatum (Mayr)   from Misiones Province; metacercariae encysted in body cavity.

Material deposited: MLP, 4812–4826.

Reference: Digiani (2002).

Comments: Digiani (2002) report the presence of excysted metacercariae in the intestine of Rhamdia  

sapo (Valenciennes) ( MLP, 4827).


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