Nops MacLeay, 1839,

Sánchez, Alexander, Brescovit, Antonio D. & Alayón, Giraldo, 2015, Four new caponiids species (Araneae, Caponiidae) from the West Indies and redescription of Nops blandus (Bryant), Zootaxa 3972 (1), pp. 43-64: 44

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Nops MacLeay, 1839


Genus Nops MacLeay, 1839 

Type species: Nops guanabacoae MacLeay, 1839  by monotypy.

Diagnosis. Nops  can be distinguished from Caponiinae genera by the presence of subsegmented tarsi (Sánchez – Ruiz, 2004: fig. 4), from other Nopinae genera (except Nopsides Chamberlin  ) by the elongated and reflexed unpaired claw at least on anterior tarsi, extending dorsally between the paired claws (Sánchez – Ruiz, 2004: fig. 5); and from Nopsides  by having two, rather than four eyes, and for the presence of a translucent ventral keel on the anterior metatarsi, and a translucent extension of the membrane between the anterior metatarsi and tarsi ( Dupérré, 2014: figs. 13–15).