Micadina yingdensis Chen & He, 1992

Hennemann, Frank H., Conle, Oskar V. & Zhang, Weiwei, 2008, Figures 12 – 17. Cnipsomorpha Erinacea N. Gen. N In Descriptions Of A New Genus And Three New Species Of Phasmatodea From Southwest China (Insecta: Phasmatodea), Zootaxa 1735, pp. 1-77: 50

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http://doi.org/ 10.5281/zenodo.180817

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Micadina yingdensis Chen & He, 1992


Micadina yingdensis Chen & He, 1992  

In 1989 some 2000 hectars of Castanopsis fissa   ( Fagaceae   ) were damaged by a pest of this species. About

400 ha were completely destroyed and the trees dead. In 1990 some 3500 ha were affected in the same region

and the area of dead trees had increased to 850 ha. The loss of timber was about 50.000 m 3 which caused eco-

nomic damage of approximately 560.000 US $. The most seriously affected trees were completely defoliated

and looked as if they had been burned by a bush-fire. More than 450 specimens were encountered in a single

two to three year old tree with less than 100 leaves. More than 1000 insects were found in a six to seven year

old tree with a crown-diameter of less than 1.5 metres ( Chen, Xu et al., 1994).