Parodon magdalenensis Londoño-Burbano, Londono-Burbano, Roman-Valencia & Taphorn, 2011

Albornoz-Garzón, Juan G., Conde-Saldaña, Cristhian C., López-Delgado, Edwin O., García-Melo, Jorge E. & Villa-Navarro, Francisco A., 2020, Fishes from the Río Alvarado drainage, Upper Río Magdalena Basin, Colombia, Check List 16 (5), pp. 1181-1198: 1183

publication ID 10.15560/16.5.1181

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Parodon magdalenensis Londoño-Burbano


Parodon magdalenensis Londoño-Burbano   , Román- Valencia & Taphorn, 2011

Figure 2C

Material examined. COLOMBIA • 7, 52.9–121.6 mm SL; Quebrada La Caima ; 04°35′45.8″N, 074°56′39.6″W; 374 m a.s.l.; 19 Sep. 2012; Cristhian C. Conde-Saldaña, Juan G. Albornoz-Garzón leg.; CZUT-IC 10112 GoogleMaps   . • 13, 73.3–121.7 mm SL; Quebrada La Caima ; 04°35′45.8″N, 074°56′39.6″W; 374 m a.s.l.; 12 Dec. 2012; Juan G. Albor- noz-Garzón, Cristhian C. Conde-Saldaña leg.; CZUT-IC 10368 GoogleMaps   .

Identification. A broad dark mid-lateral stripe above lateral line from snout to tips of middle caudal-fin rays. Body with dark ground portion above black lateral stripe lacking projections or spots extending dorsally, base color below lateral stripe to level of axillary scale gray. Adults with a well-defined black spot from mid- dle of pectoral fin to its tip. Brown spots absent on dor- sal part of sides above lateral stripe ( Londoño-Burbano et al. 2011).