Trichomycterus transandianus (Steindachner, 1915)

Albornoz-Garzón, Juan G., Conde-Saldaña, Cristhian C., López-Delgado, Edwin O., García-Melo, Jorge E. & Villa-Navarro, Francisco A., 2020, Fishes from the Río Alvarado drainage, Upper Río Magdalena Basin, Colombia, Check List 16 (5), pp. 1181-1198: 1189

publication ID 10.15560/16.5.1181

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Trichomycterus transandianus (Steindachner, 1915)


Trichomycterus transandianus (Steindachner, 1915)   Figure 3G

Material examined. COLOMBIA • 19, 18.2–37.3 mm SL; Río Alvarado-Caldas Viejo ; 04°36′41.2″N, 074° 55′46.2″W; 351 m a.s.l.; 19 Sep. 2012; Cristhian C. Conde- Saldaña, Juan G. Albornoz-Garzón leg.; CZUT-IC 10106 GoogleMaps   . • 8, 21.3–45.0 mm SL; Río Alvarado-Puente ; 04° 31′11.3″N, 074°59′14.0″W; 521 m a.s.l.; 19 Sep. 2012; Juan G. Albornoz-Garzón, Cristhian C. Conde-Saldaña leg.; CZUT-IC 10168 GoogleMaps   .

Identification. Relatively medium body size (largest specimen 75 mm SL). Head squared in dorsal view. Premaxilla with 32 incisiform teeth arranged in two regular rows. Dentary with 40 incisiform teeth arranged in two regular rows. Interopercle with 39 odontodes. Opercle with 15 odontodes. Pectoral fin with six branched rays. Caudal fin rounded. Body light brown, lighter ven- trally. Dorsal region of body with light brown blotches

and dots, irregularly distributed; a light brown midlateral stripe present, extending from behind opercle to caudalfin base, becoming diffuse in larger specimens (García- Melo 2009).